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Skyrim SSE CTD on regular load screen (Circumvented, but still problematic, and may be a problem in the future, fix needed) Mod Organizer 2

Hello redditors, I appreciate your time on other threads I've made in the past. Those problems have since been fixed!

However, after a clean install and perfect game play, my computer itself froze during a dungeon and gave me a blue screen and "WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR". Yes I know what this can be caused by and have since updated drivers and any other applications I make use of when playing Skyrim SE. The regular diagnostics tools did not kick in to give me the error report so I force shut down my computer. Upon restarting, the issue of CTDing after a regular load screen started occurring. Tool-tips and models pop up as normally would but the game quickly cuts out to the desktop afterwards.

I've since circumvented this by loading an early save and then loading my most recent save from that one, but it seems any save past a certain point is rendered useless to load unless circumvented to get there.

Since everything is fresh install as of a week or so ago, and I haven't made any additions to my mod list, and my drivers are updated, I'm wondering if its the size of the file being loaded at once? CPU is running at 30% consistent my GPU jumps to 90% even 98/99%. I'm also not overclocking for fear of the temps because my GPU is already getting very very hot. 80C+. Never changed my paste either. Might as well just get a better GPU for the same price I got this one back then. I'm running a GTX 970 Windforce and its done me fine on an earlier play through that I actually broke through mods, but this one ran fine until crashing in the middle of a dungeon and I was no longer able to load.

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TLDR; Computer crashed during a dungeon, I force shut down computer, loaded the save, CTD to desktop on save load. Circumvented by loading an early save, then the most recent save. I'm wondering solutions to simple loading the most recent save like normal, software solutions or hardware solutions.

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