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skyrimmods Survey Results!

Hey guys! Maybe you forgot about this already!

Here are the results for the survey. I found it easiest to present everything in graphical form, so rather than filling a whole post with images here is a slideshow!



  • Why did this take so long to get the answers?

Well, I allowed free entry for a lot of questions and had to clean that up so I could present the data cleanly (seriously, how many different ways can you type Legacy of the Dragonborn? Or even your own country name?!) And score everything.

But more importantly I wanted to do a good job and not burn out so I only worked on it when I wanted to… which is not every weekend! I think it only took around 15-20 hours to do but spread out over 3-4 weekends.

  • Why did you ask such personal questions?

It wasn't really intended to be personal, I explain why I asked each question that didn't seem directly modding related in the results. But I am curious about you as people as well as you as modders 🙂 They interact!

  • Why didn't you include x piece of data?

After seeing the results for some of the questions I thought the answers weren't actually that interesting. Maybe I didn't ask the question well or it was just a bad question.

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If there was something you know I asked about and I didn't include the results, feel free to ask in the comments! I can always add results to this slideshow if I left something out you're interested in.

And, if there is questions I didn't ask but you think I should have, or other suggestions for the future, feel free to comment that too. I don't know when I'll do this again (annual seems too often?) but I'm sure myself or my successors will appreciate the feedback for the next time.

  • Can I look at the data?

In order to help ensure the security of the respondents, I said when I posted the survey that only I would see the raw data. Each individual answer can't be traced back to an individual, but all of the answers together might be (after all, how many brazilian modders using NMM are there?) However, if there is a specific question you're interested in I can try to help you answer it.


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