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SkySa with Dynamic Animation Replacer and Dynamic Combat Module completely changes approach to combat

This is all my opinion and how I want to play skyrim, I'm sharing this because there might be a few who share the same sentiment with me but overlooked some new mods that could possibly improve the game for them. Anyways

Skyrim's Combat is pretty one dimensional and boring, for a major part of the game, it certainly fell flat, it has it's depth but what makes it not fun in my opinion, is it doesn't have the dynamic other games have, so I looked for mods to change this. When I see vids or some posts that claim to change Skyrim's combat to something like darksouls, I still feel that the changes aren't enough, because most of these changes In my opinion overlook small but very important features that should be the base of a combat focused game.

For me it is 3 things. Attack behavior, how are the attacks relayed. Attack Variety, what kind of attacks can we do, and the weight of the attacks, how does the receiving end react to the different attacks we just did. And this can be solved by usage of 4 key mods

Skysa Combat Behavior Compulsion

Dynamic Animation Replacer

Dynamic Combat Module

Stagger on Hit

with the 4 mods I mentioned above, The game does not only change aesthetically but also mechanically, With SkySa instead of spamming the same left click towards an enemy, you have to think what attack you should do, when and where. With DAR, while delivering your attacks you are able to do it with style, once you install the plug in, set the proper folders, with its conditions and add animations you want. Every attack input can be different because of the randomized feature DAR has, if the 3 left or right click isn't enough, DCM, will allow for more attack variety such as running and sprinting attacks, and Lastly to reward your actions and decisions, the impact must be visible, and Stagger on hit is a small but very important mod for this, you feel that every attack you threw and succesfully hit mattered and it feels satisfying to watch every stylish Attack commited damage the enemy.

Here's a demo of what I put in my game, sorry for the quality, My rig isn't competent enough

Now, I don't want to impose the way I play, this is all just my opinion but I feel I should share it with you guys.

EDIT: Added more vids to demonstrate the combat. To show that it works well with 1v many and many v many


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