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SkyUI incompatible with Disenchanting Overhaul

Content of the article: "SkyUI incompatible with Disenchanting Overhaul"

I think some of the issue might be that SkyUI is found on Nexus, whereas RelicTheUnholy's Disenchanting Overhaul is only found on BethNet. Whenever I try to run them on the same save, my game immediately crashes. I got my game to play once, and SkyUI was completely shut off. There was an error message about an incompatible file that I have not viewed since it happened. It suggested to reinstalling SKSE64, which did not work.

This happens regardless of what menu is opened. Magic, Inventory, questlog, map, favorites. Mod Configuration no longer appears in my start menu.

Has anyone found a workaround for this type of incompatibility? SKSE64 is installed and working properly, confirmed using command ~getskseversion. I've never had an issue running both BethNet and Nexus mods before, so this one really threw me for a loop.

Load order to follow, created by Vortex:





Creation Club–all, specific order upon request

Unofficial Patch

Unofficial Creation Club patch

Legacy of the Dragonborn

Beyond Skyrim Assests

Beyond Skyrim

Beyond Skyrim DLC Patch


Midwood Isle

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal



Circlets and masks with robes and hoods


Vinis Smart Transmute spell

Krif Nau Golt, Dovah

Ish’s Respec Mod

Fangs and Eyes–Blue

Unlimited Amulets and Rings Bruma patch


Bandolier Tighter Female Fit

Rich Skyrim Merchants x10

Belt Fastened Quivers

Dragon Carved Armor–BethNet

Sounds of Skyrim, Complete

Lore Friendly Levels, Full

Beasts of Tamriel

SOS Race Menu Xp32 Skeleton

Increase Carry-Weight on Level-Up

Perk points at 50-75-100

50 percent more perk points

Experience Multipliers

Tanning and Smelting Experience


Run and Walk at your pace

Barenziah Quest Markers

Mannequin Stay Put

Summermyst Enchantments

Killable Generals

Realistic Conversations

Enhanced Mighty Dragons

Pickpocket Chance 100

No More Passive Health Regeneration

Diverse Character Creation


Shezarrine Prologue

Dawnguard as vampire

Morrowind Music Integration

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

Hearthfire Last Name

Perk Points and more gold for bounty quests

Your Own Thoughs

Underwhelming Multiple Followers

Animations 1.0

Fast Travel for Survival Mode


Molten Glass Armor and Weapons

Draconic Armor

Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim

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Enhanced Blood Textures SE

KS Hairdos SSE

Joy of Perspective

Diverse Dragons Collection

Auto Unequip Shields to Back

Creation Club autostart quests

Reflection – level up messages

Bound Armor

Armor Variants Expansion

Dragonplate Crown (BethNet)

Alchemist’s Respite (BethNet)

Thunderchild – Shouts and Immersion

Disenchanting Overhaul

Unlimited Amulets

Unlimited Rings

Auriel’s Bow Damage Increase

Unique Uniques

Diamond Smithing Complete

Immersive Armors 8.1

Hearthfire Extended

Arcane Accessories Disenchant

Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary


Populated Cities Towns Villages

Aurora Village

Realistic Female Armor Overhaul

Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim

No to Nocturnal

Silian Manor

The Scarlett Buildable Ship

Populated Dungeons




Mira Clothing Fix

Populated Forts

Heavy Armory

Joy of Perspective – Immersive Armors Patch

Immersive Armors – Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra

Heavy Armory Enchanted

Valiant Nord Bow

Skills in Book Titles (BethNet)

Dominions More Potential Marriage

Northwind Quarry

River Rock

Oblivion Gates Remade

Forgotten Spells

Castle Valdmire


Skyfall Estate

Summermyst Guaranteed Locations

Animated Armory Level List

Legacy of the Dragonborn Creation Club patch

Royal Armory

Legacy of the Dragonborn Royal Armory Patch

Legacy of the Dragonborn Wintersun Patch

Animated Armory Heavy Armory Patch

Frostvale Estate

Elemental Soul Traps

Animated Prostitution

Dragonstead Manor


Redspire Manor


Recorder Follower

Deadly Daedra of Skyrim

UnUnique Items

Bucklers Complete (BethNet)

Ultimate Assortment by Favored Soul

Diamond Smithing Animated Armory Patch

Amber armor and weapons

Pit Fighter

Populated Prison Cells

Populated civil war

The Enemy of my Enemy

Uniques of oblivion (BethNet)

Forgotten Cityh

Livia Salvian Revamped

Draven Manor

Legacy of the Dragonborn Falskaar patch

Legacy of the dragonborn Gray Cowl of Nocturnal patch

Legacy of the Dragonborn Forgetten City patch

Legacy of the Dragonborn IA Patch (auto installed)

Legacy of the Dragonborn HA Patch (auto installed)

Smelting Plus

Dark Elven Armor (BethNet)

Cheating Chests – Whiterun

Potion of ultimate leveling

Black Sky Daedric Armor

Amber Stahlrim weapons and armor

Ebon Re-Armed

Coldharbour Daedric Armor (BethNet)

The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Ash’Abah Scimitar (BethNet)

Better Thieves’ Guild Armor (BethNet)

Helmetless Combat Perks (BethNet)

Black and gold Ebony Armor (BethNet)

Black and Gold Ebony Weapons (BethNet)

Coldharbour Daedric Weapons (BethNet)

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Correct Haggling Prices (BethNet)

Gilded Doublets (BethNet)

Elven Eternal Shine Armor (BethNet)

Elven Eternal Shite Weapons (BethNet)

Exoplanet Collections (BethNet)

Heliomancy (BethNet)

Infinite Enchantment Charges

Realistic Arrow Damage (BethNet)

Skyforge Dragonbone (BethNet)

Skyrim Hair Colors (BethNet)

Smithable Circlets (BethNet)

Race Menu

Race Menu Plugin

Race Menu CBBE Morps

XP32 Maximum skeleton

Metalsaber’s Beautiful Ladies of Skyrim

Metalsaber’s Beautiful Elves of Skyrim

Bijin Warmaidens

Bijin Wives

Bijin NPCs

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood – Not the Items


My Home is Your Home

Kiss ‘em All (BethNet)

Bandoliers and Pouches

Multiple Marriages

Diverse Imperial Soldiers

Ulfric and Elisif wear the Jagged Crown

Ia92’s Combat Knife (BethNet)

Imperial Forces Retake Helgen

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Pit Fighter Travels

Better Destroy the Dark Brotherhood Reward

Potent Concentration Spells

Oblivion Music

Perks from Questing

Unleveled Items

Your Own Thoughts – Bone Wolf

Your Own Thoughts – Bruma

Your Own Thoughts – Camping

Your Own Thoughts – Civil War Champions

Your Own Thoughts – Dawnfang and Duskfang

Your Own Thoughts – Falskaar

Your Own Thoughts – Forgotten Seasons

Your Own Thoughts – Gray Cowl

Your Own Thoughts – Hendraheim

Your Own Thoughts – Myrwatch

Your Own Thoughts – Nix-hound

Your Own Thoughts – Pets of Skyrim

Your Own Thoughts – Reflection – Level Up Messages

Your Own Thoughts – Saints & Seducers

Your Own Thoughts – Shadowfoot Sanctum

Your Own Thoughts – Shadowrend

Your Own Thoughts – Survival Mode

Your Own Thoughts – Tundra Homestead

Your Own Thoughts – Umbra

Your Own Thoughts – Vigil Enforcer Armor Set

Your Own Thoughts – Wild Horses

Your Own Thoughts – Wraithguard

Your Own Thoughts – Thunderchild

Your Own Thoughts – Wintersun

Oblivion Gates 1st Person Messages

ESO Skyshards – Bruma

ESO Skyshards – Falskaar

Ebony Scimitar

Sounds of Skyrim TrueStorms Patch

Oblivion Gates Remade – Map Markers

Spe0ll Scale to Skill Level All in One

Your Own Thoughts – Legacy of the Dragonborn

Cheat Room (BethNet)


Ordinator Masteries Expanded

Multiple Enchantments – Ordinator

Diverse Character Creation Ordinator Patch

Ordinator – Hidden Smithing Perks

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Alternate Start – Live another life

Immersive Citizens

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Sounds of Skyrim Immersive citizens patch


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