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SkyUI lags when opening menus

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After the delay is over and the menus show up, SkyUI starts having problems loading the settings properly, so it changes everything to default and then goes back to following the MCM after I close and open the inventory again. I also noticed that it doesn't have anything to do with the amount of items I'm carrying, since my carry weight is less than 100 most of the time. I have no idea what's causing this, sometimes it won't happen once for some 10 hours and then it out of nowhere starts happening again, fixes itself if I restart the game, and goes back to that after some minutes. This happens regardless of what other mods I use besides SkyUI. pls help


360 Movement Behavior

First Person Greatsword Idle Fix

Motion Sensitive Fix

Pretty Combat Animations

RAYSR Animations

Realistic Animation Project


Dreams and Nightmares

Immersive Sounds (Aural Assortment)

Smooth Draw and Sheathe

Sounds of Skyrim (The Dungeons)

Sounds of Skyrim (The Wilds)

Character Appearance:

saLa Hair

Windsong's Immersive Character Overhaul


Logical Grass

More Cooking Pots

Skyrim Better Roads

Trees in Cities

Fixes and Performance:

Bug Fixes

Cobb's Bug Fixes

Insignificant Object Remover

Optimized Vanilla Textures

Performance Creature Sound

Skyrim Exterior Fixes

Skyrim Performance Plus

Skyrim Project Optimization

Skyrim Supplemental Patch

Smoke Remover

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch



Dear Diary (Cursor)

Display Enemy Level

Extended UI

ipHUD (Favorites)

JS Lockpicking UI

Kingthings Petrock Font

Map Markers Complete

Pastel Map Markers

Paper World Map

Skyrim Interface Makeover (Books, Lockpicking, Wait)

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Skyrim Interface Silencer

SkyUI – Animated and Colored Widgets

SkyUI – Animated Celtic Icons


Smooth Interface

The Adventurer Theme (Level Up)

The Wild Hunt

Wider MCM

Meshes and Textures:

Believable Weapons

Better Blood Splatters

Books Notes Paper

Enhanced Textures Detail

Forest Bark

Glassy Water

JS Purses and Septims

Medieval Torch

Noble Skyrim

Pretty Animated Potions

Rustic Children

Rustic Clothing

Rustic Clutter Collection

Skyrim High Definition LODs

Smooth Sky Mesh

Vurt's Trees

New Items:

Big Leather Backpack

Equipable Horns

UNP Boots 04

Wayfarer's Coat

New Mechanics:

Alchemist's Journal

Alternate Conversation Camera


Quick Light


Ralof or Hadvar

Skyrim Outfit System


Requiem 3.4

Requiem 3.4 – Alternative Descriptions

Requiem 3.4 – Dragonborn

Requiem 3.4 – Minor Arcana


Apothecary Inventory Rebuild

Better Jumping


Disable Quicksave

Innkeepers Don't Escort

Mortal Enemies

No More Ugly Effects

Realistic Conversations

Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Remember Lockpick Angle

Scrolling Doesn't Switch POV

Smart Souls

Speed Casting

The Choice Is Yours



Enhanced Lighting for ENB

Vivid Weathers


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