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So close to finish but about to give up – manuall patching Level lists, containers and stuff (you guessed it right – MLU user)

Content of the article: "So close to finish but about to give up – manuall patching Level lists, containers and stuff (you guessed it right – MLU user)"

Hello everybody. Been modding last couple of months. Made mod list I m happy with. I got every possible patch for every mod of my mods I could find on nexus. Last steps: smash all patch, manual patch for level lists, go through smash patch and fix remaining smash fuckups, and LOD gen.

And I managed to get through all smash patch conflicts and check them in xEdit, well except leveled lists, containers and constructible objects. I mean when I saw how randomly mator smash handles those categories, I checked it not only at Smash patch.esp but also at MLU.esp and Containers and Leveled Lists Fixes.esp. And I was like okay lets go, but soon run into really problematic conflicts that I had no idea how to treat them. Then I even realised show conflict script istn showing me everything that smash messed up because many edits are green even though forwarded wrong. After further exploration I determined most problematic mods, but even with mods descriptions I just couldnt guess what should be forwarded and now I feel I m at dead end.
Those problematic mods for me are:
MLU – Immersive armors
Immersive armors – CCOR (kryptopyr plugin named Hothtrooper_44_Armor_Compilation_CCOR_Patch)
Immersive weapons_CCOR patch (again kryptopyrs patch)
– MLU-CLLF-CCOR is very scary trio (because MLU+CCOR vs CLLF), add Immersive As and Ws into it and its absolute nightmare (Immersive weapons adds some items with IW reference so if I take them away I lose them? and if keep them I disrupt MLU design without adjusting levels?)
Mysticism (adds tomes what CLLF doesnt like)
Trade and Barter (no idea how to treat in relation to CLLF and MLU to keep balance)
SIC and CCOR (for example mining activators from SIC are not forwarded)
Opulents outfits (not so bad again some CLLF issues)
Ordinator (some perk issues with MLU and Trade and Barter and othe stuff, not biggest issue but Trade and Barter overrides could cause issues – like Vendors not getting theri gold perks, but only guessing)
And also WACCF but I treated that as a base and let CLLF override so not big problem, but I thint some things were meant to be forwarded but who knows…

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Example: The hell I m supposed to do with this?!: CLLF FormID 0009BC31 – Leveled list Blacksmith mineral conflicts with CCOR big time.

I know its very mod list specific and complicated problem but even after reading guides for xEdit and shit, I m now absolutely lost as to how procced further. What combinations of smash and merged (xEdit) and manual (via xEdit) patches to get. As you know, selecting mods to load into smash is irritating since it doesnt have proper search bar. Also xEdit cant create merged patch with 255+ plugins loaded (which I easily surpassed cus xEdit dont care about ESL flags).
I m also aware that settings can be applied to plugins in Mator smash but after you quick patch it, it all turn to smash.all and I honestly dont have willpower to manually sett it all right. I know there is autodetection script in xEdit but I dont know how to make those tags saved after applying script and how to make smash to detect this output properly. And not even sure if this process would get me really better results. Is a there a way out of my situation without going manually through all problematic mods (and without show conflict script since it smash errors can easily hide in green)? That would take ages… (and prolly also my sanity 😀 ). Or I dunno, meaby I actually fixed a lot with my manual patch but I guess not enought, cant tell when I feel I was guessing most of the time.

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I mean, there are many MLU users and many of them also use CLLF and CCOR and Immersive Ws and As, I cant be the only one. I m actually nto sure what I expect from this, its kinda cryout, so anything positive is welcomed, encouragment words included if you dont know a cure to my curse.

Here is link to complete modlist and also compulsory INIs. I also included my SSEMerged.esp the manual patch if you wanna see it but I made it but I before I discovered this:
but I see I already fixed most of things in that patch myself. But it helped with 0009BC31(FormID) Blacksmith minerals level list for example.


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