The Elder Scrolls

So I beat Morrowind on the Black Path…

I didn't even go talk to Caius. I bolted straight out of Seyda Neen, got the Mentor's Ring, cleared out a few caves, then went to Vivec. There I bought a butt-ton of sujamma, I swam all the way to Mudan Grotto, I overdosed on sujamma and punched the dwemer centurion with a 1000 strength and took the key to get the Dragonbone Cuirass (at level 2). After that, I helped my old pal Hlormar, got the Blinding Boots of Speed (with the help of a cheese spell). After a few more levels, and some artifacts sold to the museum in Mournhold (including Umbra), I got Goldbrand, and then I went and smacked Vivec in the face with it. I soultrapped his soul inside Azura's Star, and I used it to make an enchanted amulet that fortifies health, called "Vivec's Damnation".

Not long after, I went to Yagrum Bagarn, I raided every one of Dagoth's citadels for books and Keening and Sunder. But then Yagrum was like "You're too weak, I won't do it", so instead, I boosted my alchemy, I made a hundred potions of fortify intelligence, got my IQ to above 12000, and made a bunch of restore health potions. When I got to Dagoth Ur, he was like "wtf man, you're not supposed to be here. I'll smack you if you smack me" but then I smacked him so fast he couldn't smack me. In the next room, he taunted me, but I ignored him and ran straight past him, I jumped off the platform, broke my knees, drank all the potions, and punched the Heart of Lorkhan so fast Dagoth couldn't finish his sentence. He screamed for me to stop, I ignored him and got out unscathed.

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Azura didn't seem to mind, and everyone seemed to aknowledge me as the Nerevarine. But then, out of curiosity, I went to see Caius (who was still in his house), I talked to him for a little bit and then he went "wE nEeD To gAThEr inFoRMaTIoN oN thE NEreVaRINe cULt".

Moral of the story: Caius needs to stop with the sugar, and Morrowind is fun when you go off the beaten path. That was the first time I really went sideways and it was hella fun. I recommend it to any experienced player.


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