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So I broke my followers

Content of the article: "So I broke my followers"

I was running around with five or six followers and everyone was grand but then I added some mods, rearranged them, deleted some etc and now Auri can be summoned but then disappears, janessa is back in Whiterun but when I talk to her she acts like she's following me? Any tips? No, I don't remember everything I changed, sadly, but here's what I have :

Unofficial Patch Beyond skyrim Burma Assets Burma Burma DLC patch Opulent Thieves guild Cutting Room Floor Burma updates 50 CT more perk points hearth fire multiple adoptions Songs of the nord The kids are alright episode one Alternate start Apocalypse – magic of Skyrim Lockpicking interface redone Blackreach Railroad Epic dark brotherhood Armour Juliana Redguard Scout The Paarthurnax dilemma Sicarius Armour Thief Toolset Rangers of Lore Aurora Follower Improved Companions Quest line Sofia Follower – the only one that stayed with me Tel Jerdein Ciris Armour Perk Tomes Vanilla perks Amazing follower Tweaks Song of the green Auri follower Multiple Marriages spouse dres Springwood estate Vlindrel hall Proudspire manor Honeyside tnf Hearth fire multiple adoptions – I think this one might be a patch Hjerim tnf Dominions hearth fire stewards Ordinator perks of Skyrim Definitive beauty pack Taina standalone healer Divine people overhaul Toy mania The Good Wife version 5 Stormcloaks for good guys The kids are alright ussep The kids are alright adopt aventus The kids are alright cutting room floor Khajit caravan kittens Marry me Serena Marry me Cicero Divine cities premier Castle gonduin IMMERSIVE citizens overhaul Realistic conversations Tws Witcher 3 Armour Witcher 2 Armour collection Alex's Betnja Followers xbox one edition Kit black heart The dark brotherhood initiates Kaidan follower A serious wedding Cheat room

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Oh boy that's a lot to type on my phone. I'm new to reddit and modding so sorry if I botched this, any tips in general would be welcome, my game keeps crashing but I was kind of hoping if I fix one problem I'll fix the other.

Thank you all 💖


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