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So I just completed the dark brotherhood for the first time…

Poor Lucien. What else is there to say. His entry after my epic battle with Ungolim was chilling, I had been sure that he was the traitor, and was pretty surprised of his innocence. I rode all the way to Anvil for the role-playing experience, in my rage violently threatening the poor boy who had placed the orders in the barrel aswell as the lighthousekeeper. The Traitors Hideout was fantastic, and the diary gave me the chills. For a game that can have some pretty weak dialogue and writing from time to time, that diary was fantastic. It really felt like something an actually insane person would write.

Applewatch was a gut-punch. I did not expect Lucien to die or at least not like this. That was some real game-of-thrones shit. Damn I wanted to scream at that stupid whats-her-name and kill her on the spot. The purification was already pretty darn sad but this was somehow worse. Even my character looked angry after that part. Well then the ending was pretty decent aswell, even though the reveal of the traitor didn´t really feel that powerful as we had never met him before, so there wasn´t really any big emotional connection to him. Still it felt pretty good to terminate him with my custom beast-dagger "Dunmer Blade".

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So what did I think of it? Well, easily the best questline. Even though I felt that the final quest felt a little flat, the questline itself had some of the best writing in this game. I love how it started kinda dark then was kindof lighthearted for a while (as lighthearted as you can get in an Assassins-Cult) and then all of a sudden got really dark after the purification and the dead drops. But very fitting. In the beginning, it feels like a game without consequences, even though you are literally murdering people. Then, in Purification the dark reality of what it means to be a true assassin hits you right in the face. So yeah. That was my take on the dark brotherhood. Here are some pics from the last few quests.

TL;DR: Pretty darn good, especially the darker tone in the final stages. Luciens death was shocking af

What have I done?

One of you will pay for this

Even my character is angry about my boi Lucien

ready to die

life after death

born again as listener


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