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Solstheim, Year 103 5th Era

Solstheim Map

Excerpt from Jhunalpedia:

Much has changed since the passage of Solstheim from the Jarls of Skyrim to the Great Houses of Morrowind. Beyond the apocalyptic destruction of the original flora and fauna of the southern half of the island following the Red Year, the settlements of Raven Rock and Tel Mithryn have spread across the ashlands and now many new settlements dot the landscape. While Tamriel’s last frontier seems to be tamed, much of the isle is still left as wild as the northern winters.

Second Wave of colonization

After the Second Great War ravaged much of Tamriel, the Great Houses studied the destruction that had befallen the Aldmeri Dominion and Alliance of Men. Seeking to strengthen the position of the Dunmer people against all threats – especially an increasingly belligerent An-Xileel to their south – the five Great Houses Redoran, Telvanni, Dres, Sadras, and Indoril came to an agreement at the monumental Peace of Necrom. The five houses and the Reclaimed Temple drafted a constitution for a federal republic. Despite initial hesitation from house Telvanni, the four other Houses were able to pressure the once maverick wizards into the fold. House Telvanni simply did not have the power it possessed prior to the Red Year and the Accession War, and Redoran’s protective strength and aid proved to be more tempting

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With Vvardenfell still incredibly active, Dunmer expansion was limited to once-ignored holdings. Solstheim’s initial Dunmer settlements had proven to be sustainable and successful, and soon thousands of Dunmer began flocking to the island, bringing a fresh culture to the stagnant Nordic land. The city of Raven Rock continued to prosper from mining and trade under the Morvayn family. On the other side of the island, Tel Mithryn attracted mages, warlocks, and researchers from Markarth to Alinor. Prosperity filled this once harsh frontier, and soon the south was a cosmopolitan hotspot. With the continued growth and development of infrastructure, the island was formally divided among House Redoran, House Telvanni, and the New Temple. A new temple to the Reclamations was built in the center of the island to commemorate the formalization of Solstheim as a region of Morrowind.

Native Responses

The indigenous people of Solstheim were less fortunate. The Skaal saw their lands snatched each year by “dreaded foreign devils”. Millenia-old barrows and shrines were demolished to make way for chitinous houses and fungal towers. These nordic people were continuously pushed back into a small area around Skaalheim. The Skaal were not prepared to fight against the dunmeri tide sweeping Solstheim, so many petitioned the Stormcloak king to heed their struggle, yet nothing came of it. Eventually the Skaal were given a reservation on the Felsaad Coast with limited autonomy. The Reiklings were treated even worse as they were considered pests to be destroyed. Only through the efforts of a few New Temple Priests and Priestesses were the Reiklings saved from certain extinction and given a remote collection of frozen islands to inhabit.

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Modern Solstheim

Solstheim has risen from a frigid wasteland to a jewel of Dunmeri culture and learning. Visitors in the southern House Telvanni and Redoran regions can expect all the hospitals, museums and universities that would be present in the gleaming Imperial City or Alinor. The dunmeri of Solstheim are also much more welcoming to foreigners than their mainland ancestors, however one will likely encounter the familiar insults the further one ventures into the rural areas. Solstheim features several monuments and ruins pertaining to different cultures. One can visit Dwemer ruins, hike among nord dragon-cult walls, and pray at dunmeri temples on the same day. Solstheim’s natural beauty is also an important draw for tourists. Clean and magnificent nature preserves dot the northern half of the island, while bizarre nord customs and legal gambling brings visitors to the Skaal Reservation. Most visitors will find themselves welcomed warmly by the gracious dunmer of Solstheim. However Aldermi citizens might find locals hostile due to the controversial Northshore Military base and mining operations.


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