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Some of my sounds won’t play

Content of the article: "Some of my sounds won’t play"

My sounds cut in and out but it only happens to the swinging sounds of weapon, casting spells, walking, and shouts. They will sometimes play but most of the time won't but it only happens to my players npc sounds play fine. Please don't judge my mods

Mods list .net script framework/ Address library for SKSE plugins/ Amazing follower tweaks/ Alternate start- live another life/ Better males remesh for Skyrim SE/ Bodyslide and outfit studios/ Cliente's beautiful bodies enhancer-cbbe/ CBBE-SMP(3BBB)/ CBP Physics/ CBPC-CBP Physics with collision/ Diabetox Female eye – 4k and default (4k and default are separate download)/ DDL Plugin loader/ Enhance lights and FX/ Fair skin complexion – fair skin complexion cbbe/ Flower girls SE and VR – amorous adventure/ Flower girls SE and VR – main file/ Fluffy snow – fluffy snow – 2k/ Fores new idle in Skyrim SE – behavior SE – 7_6/ Fores new idle in Skyrim SE – behavior SE – 7_6 XXL/ Fores new idle in Skyrim SE – creature pack SE 7.6/ Fores new idle in Skyrim SE – Spells SE 7.0/ HTD – SMP (Skin mesh Physics) SSE/ Immersive armor/ Immersive armor SSE CBBE Bodysliders conversion/ Immersive sounds – compendium/ Immersive weapons/ KS hairdo SSE/ Lifelike idle animation/ Mfg fix/ Multi color hair for KS/ Neisa – definitive edition 4k/ Neisa – definitive edition Neisa (Base)/ Neisa – definitive Edition wardrobe/ Onean/ OSA – Skyrim Ascendency engine/ Osex (don't judge)/ Papyrus Util SE modders script Utility function/ RaceMenu/ Radiant and Unique potions and poison HD/ Radiant and Unique potions and poison with booze/ Rich Skyrim merchants/ Skyrim 3D trees and plants/ SkyTest – Realistic Animal and predator SE/ SkyUI / Sofia – CBBE Body replacer / Sofia – The funny fully voiced follower/ SOS pp of Skyrim (I'm not typing that word out I'm super embarrassed already)/ SSE Engine fix SKSE64 plugin/ SSE Engine fix SKSE64 plugin part 1(part 2 was manually installed the way it said to install it)/ Static mesh improvements mod/ The Elder Scrolls – Veydosebrom/ Unofficial Skyrim special edition patch/ Visible Favorite gear obsolete/ Wearable lanterns/ Wildcat – combat of Skyrim/ Wildcat Combat and immersive movement/ XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition/ XP32 Maximum Skeleton special Edition – Modders resource/

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MY PC SPECS Not sure what I'm supposed to list so I'm just gonna list everything

i5 2400 GTX 1650 SUPER 4GB ASROCK Z77 Pro 4 – M 8GB RAM (4 2gb sticks) 1 1TB hard drive WD 1 250GB Seagate Rosewill 450 PSU

It there any way it can be fixed is there a mod I'm missing or do I have delete mods I wish I can show a video showing the problem but I can't login to steam so skse can launch because my internet is out at the moment sorry.


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