The Elder Scrolls

Some tips for people that are new to the game(like me)

I will start with the fact that i'm not new to this series and played some oblivion/skyrim from time to time, and wanted to play Morrowind since people praise it so much.

I also usually mod my games if mods are supported.

If u are a casual gamer that starting out and dont mind mods, i would reccomend you to find a basic guide, install all bugfixes that are reccomended, install intelligent textures/another texture upscaler, and play the game and dont worry about anything else, dont worry about min maxing or other graphic mods/quest mods etc.

The game will run fine, if u want to be a warrior just choose majors in your favorite type of weapon, armor,block, everything that make sense for your character, and level those and u will destory the game, trust me.

A male redguard with longsword specialisation will probably never miss from start of the game to finish, and if u do, u have op racial called Adrenaline rush to destroy any obsticale u meet.

Keep in mind that your stamina affects your accuracy(and pretty much every skill in the game,even haggling with merchants), so managing your stamina is important and if u do miss alot, your character probably tired.(i've seen alot of people complain that they just miss all the time, that why, and not because the game is garbage), dont be afraid pressing T(rest) before a fight and replenish your stamina, even in the city(u cant restore mana or sleep in the city unlees in the tavern or a bed, but your stamina will regenerate).

I reccomend you to follow main story and listen to the quest giver when they say if u are too weak and u need to level up a bit, if u care about side quests just talk to people in the city the main quest sends you to and do the ones you like(i had a problem when i started, i did alot of exploration before progressing main quest and spoiled some quest caves/locations for myself by exporing too much).

Even trough the game doesnt have traditional fast travel, it has plenty alternatives like boats/Silt striders/mage guild teleportations/spells like jump/levitation/mark and recall, so its not bad at all(you also get pretty fast with time since your athletics/speed level with time naturally even if u dont focus on it).

Now u can go and play and have fun, or u can read further to see how you can screw your game if you are new, like i did.

I started with alot of mods naturally, screwed up a couple of installations and wasted hours of my time on reinstalling all that stuff, a bunch of quest mods/caves/npc overhauls.

Eventually i managed to make a stable installation with 250+ mods(still crashes sometimes cause alot of texture mods probably/memory leaks etc).

The thing about all those texture mods is that as a new player, you simply dont need them at all, u dont know a difference anyway, u never played the game, you never visited original(not modified) versions of those locations/caves, u never talked to original npc(non modified dialogue or quests), you dont care that this npc is annoying so there is a mod to shut him up since u never met him yourself yet, so dont trust the modder word on it, maybe you will like the character, and if u dont, u can always mod it later.

So that why i reccomend you to use general texture mod like "intelligent textures", its just enhances original game texture for a bit of a higher resolution while not changing aestetics, bug fixes are obvious too ofc.

Then i installled all those npc mods like LGNPC, and other similiar to it, i'm a perfectionist when it concers games like those, so i do all the quests, expore all the caves, and talk with everyone.

Just a couple of days earlier i was visiting Ebonheart and with all those npc mods i was there for like 5-6 hours just talking with all those "enhanced" npcs, they all have "unique backstories" and all that jazz, dont get me wrong, the writing is not bad, its pretty good actually, but this is just too much, when everyone is unique, noone is, u also cant tell a difference of whats a mod and what is not since u never played the game, so that can be a problem too.

My first attemts at playing also had me minmax like crazy since i cant stand not playing optimally in elder scrolls for some reason(have no such problem in other rpgs, probably the lack of classes and too much freedom in leveling cause this).

But after 15-20 hours i realised that i dont have any fun at all, i was using a spear with low skill cause i wanted to get max endurance asap, only used skills that were neccesary for my "optimal" build, and everything generally sucked, i did a couple restarts after to test regular builds and it was alot more fun(but i cant play those for long cause i need to optimize, cant help it).

After that i installed "Mort's Ultimate Leveling Experience", and it was better, until i noticed that i'm level 21 and all my attribute points went to personality(because at the start of the game the first thing i do is talk to everyone in cities), so when i went to explore some caves/tombs, i was met not with skeletons, but i bunch of bonewalkers(or whatever they called), there was also alot more annoying flying enemies, but my combat abilities were very subpar so i had to lower the difficulty to fight those, i'm not sure but i think humanoid enemies also got better gear with levels(but maybe i was just unlucky with some of the encounters).

Concerning exscessive exporations, i did majority of caves/tombs in bitter coast and around pelagiad before i even talked with Caius, so when i stumbled in a cave with a bunch of ash zombies and a cthulhu boss at the end i had to google wtf is happening(one of the spoilers to the story), that why i dont reccomend exploring too much too soon.

I also cleared some island full of skeletons with my flimsy level 1 char, for some reason,they have insane aggro range there so i had to reload a bunch of times(again my logic with "explore starting location at the beggining of the game before doing anything else"), i did not get anything after i cleared half of it and had to google, after that i left the island and tried to forget about it.

Now, if u are like me, and will optimise the fun in this type of game anyway, i reccomend Linoras Leveling Mod or similiar to it, some people say that u will get too op too fast, i say, u will get too op too fast either way, but that way your head wont hurt from all those careful use of specific skills to always get +5.

There probaly alot more i could tell about my noob expirience in this game but this post is already too long, sorry about my english btw, never studied it.


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