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Something I’d like to see on the Stealth side of things come TES VI

Content of the article: "Something I’d like to see on the Stealth side of things come TES VI"

Stealth is a fun part of TES. Sure, you're not getting a fully-fledged stealth experience like you would if you played Dishonored, Hitman or Thief – but that's part of the TES series strengths. Well, not that it's not fully-fledged, but that you're getting a slice of many different styles in one game.

However, years go on and Skyrim's stealth feels more and more basic. Sure, at the end of the day "Hide from the bad guys" is a pretty basic loop, but I'm off the opinion that variety is good, and more ways to engage with the game is good!

So what I'd like to see is variant stealth options! What do I mean? If you've ever played Dishonored, you'll be aware how many options that game gives you as a player. You can go through the front door. You can climb the building and sneak in through a window. Maybe there's a secret entrance somewhere. Stick to the rafters or maybe crawl through a vent. You have options.

If dungeons in Skyrim had more avenues for going through them, that'd be terrific. Not only would it increase replayability a bit (you wouldn't always be doing things the same way after all), but it'd let players really do things their own way, instead of just being fairly linear.

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I wouldn't expect this sort of stuff in every dungeon mind you, that's probably too tall of an order. I'd expect it in any relevant Thief and Assassin guild questlines, and a few random dungeons here and there, but in general. More options!

And second to that; social stealth! Disguises! Hiding in plain sight. If you've played Hitman, you know what I mean. You blend in with the enemy, so they don't even realize you're not one of them. You'd put on a bandit uniform and sneak past the guards that way. If someone gets curious, you can use your speech skill to distract them or persuade them to go away. That sort of thing. This one is probably more suited to smaller, more densely packed dungeons. Walking through long empty corridors is probably just a bit too boring.

So yeah. Let us be Acrobatic. Let us be charming. Let us skulk under tables. Let us be all kinds of sneaky!


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