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Something TES 6 should have?

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One thing I’ve seen in skyrim that sort of irks me is the dialogue. I never payed it much mind before but when you have fully typed out dialogue choices it provides a lot more room for characterization in game instead of the mental roleplay you have to do in older titles. I think this is ok. I don’t like that this novel idea gets sort of trampled on every time a questline decides it wants one thing to happen. There are two good examples of the right and wrong way to do this and I think these examples are, on further reflection, why I enjoyed these quest lines differently.

I’m talking about the dark brotherhood vs the thieves guild. It seems almost obvious that these were written by two different groups entirely. The dark brotherhood always gives you at least three options where it makes sense, and although these options might be a bit bland for some, its better than being shoehorned into one personality like the thieves guild. The two examples I mentioned earlier are the assassination of Titus Mede II and the introduction to the thieves guild. When you assassinate the emperor, you get to say different things to him, and he responds in a way that shows he could hear the difference, even though what he says is functionally identical. He might give you the same response every time to an extent, but it still lets you choose. In the thieves guild, you cannot progress past the beginning of the questline without asking tonilia if there is anything she doesn’t charge for, or asking brynjolf if “your outfit isn’t doing very well.” It’s difficult to imagine a skilled thief type character when the game forces you to be clueless like that.

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The fallout games do multiple options pretty well. Yes, even fallout 4 at least had different personalities, but it suffered from fully voicing the character. I know this was a bit of a rant but I thought I might ask if anyone else has these minor issues that they think could be resolved for the next elder scrolls.


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