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Sorcerer Build (after 3-4 years)

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(I also have no DLC’s)

To skip the story, unless you wish to read it, skip 5 paragraphs ahead + I read the rules and I have a feeling this might be taken down, but it’s worth a try… please

Hi everyone, or at least those who are reading this, I decided that I wanted to get back into ESO and I thought I’d join the subreddit too, for guidance purposes.

Basically, I remember when this game was released on console, back in June of 2015. My friends who I played with at the time were big fans of the Elder Scrolls series, as was I too, and when we heard it was releasing for console we were hyped since we’d be able to play together. When it did release, we played for a good month or two on and off, because we played a bunch of other games too.

Some time passed, I’m not sure what happened, but we all stopped playing and I didn’t exactly want to continue as a solo. However, I kept playing for a bit and realised that I wasn’t exactly doing well on my own, so I stopped playing as well. It was hard because I loved the game and it was one of my favourite games to play at the time, but I lost the enjoyment since my friends had stopped.

A year or so later, I tried to play again, and I actually really enjoyed it… except I fell back out of touch with it after week or so of playing.

And now! Half way through 2020, completely lacking in the DLC and people to play with department (besides my OH who will try it out with me, I’m downloading it again.

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All 72gb of it…


Since my previous build was a sorcerer, and I really enjoyed playing as that build, I’d like to know if anyone could point me in the Wright direction (pun intended) in achieving the optimal build for this style of character. I kinda strolled into the build blindly, as it was nothing like Skyrim, so I definitely messed up in some places unknowingly.

Providing this doesn’t get taken down, thank you to anyone who took the time to read and or kick me on the right path, any help is much appreciated.



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