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Sorting Plugin order for Mod Guides

Content of the article: "Sorting Plugin order for Mod Guides"

Not sure how many people already know about this/its obvious to them but I thought Id share anyhoo.

If you're like me and sometimes follow mod guides, you'll know about the tedious task of sorting all your plugins once you're done. However, if your mod guide author is KIND ENOUGH TO INCLUDE THE PLUGIN ORDER OF THE GUIDE as well, there's an easy way to quickly sort your plugins the way they need to be, regardless of if you're using ALL of their plugins or not.

I followed the Nordic Skyrim II – A Lockdown Baby guide by nordic0cold which I thought was a fantastic guide, easy to use very clear in what needed cleaning and gives great, STABLE in game results – just in case people were looking for a guide themselves. Obviously its been made in Lockdown so its up to date too!

Shout out done, first of all create a copy of your current profile (Just in case its already 50% sorted and something goes wrong). To do this on MO2 click the little passport looking button on the top taskbar labelled configure profiles, copy the profile you've set up for the mod guide and give it a name, then close MO2.

From here, simply find the Author provided plugin load order on Nexus ( wherever its located in files for example), copy all the text within the .txt file and navigate to the profiles folder in your MO folder. For me this was C:GamesMO2 Modsprofiles. From here navigate to the COPY OF THE ORIGINAL PROFILE, and open up plugin.txt. Delete all the text within and paste the plugin order you copied from the Mod author, close and save changes.

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Reopen MO2 and you should have a beautifully ordered plugin order ready for gaming. This Worked for me, even though I did not use all of the Mods which the guide suggested because they weren't all to my taste (There's still a good 630+ files in my load order!)

I don't have any experience with other Mod Organizers myself, but if its got a profiles section and plugin.txt I cant see why you wouldn't be able to do this for those also. If you politely ask Mod Guide Authors that DON'T have a provided plugin load order, they might have the original profile tucked away somewhere with the plugin order within to either upload or let you pinch.


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