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Speed Running Vet Dungeons?

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I started doing vet dungeons in random dungeon finder (stamina Warden bow healer, don’t ask lol) for the first time earlier today and noticed something kinda weird. In both the dungeons I got into (Banished Cells and Spindleclutch) the tank would just sprint past every mob up until the next boss, then just start fighting the boss as if they were trailing hundreds of enemies behind them. We didn’t wipe in either thankfully; we only had one death- which was me – i ended up getting ganked by some stray aoe in Spindleclutch.

Now, I totally get that even ‘vet’ difficulty of these dungeons is still (apparently) on the much, much easier side. But as a healer I found it kinda annoying having to spend the dungeon chasing the tank and dps around trying to hit them with a heal (or giving up and spamming Light Attack to proc Lotus healing since it can reach behind me lol). Healing and support was never a problem, but the whole time I kept thinking ‘am I really expected to be able to deal a ton of damage on top of this?’. Don’t get me wrong, side dps is fine; I always try to keep up Growing Swarm and Focused Aim for the debuffs, Venom Arrow for the additional effects and DoT, can always have orbs up (though they’re healing orbs lol) and use Arrow Barrage to proc Winter’s Respite. I also use Powerful Assault set and of course Aggressive Warhorn to boost party dps. I just kept worrying that it wasn’t enough

What I’m wondering is, is this the norm for vet dungeons? Should I expect this (pulling every mob between bosses, not much tanking, then everyone just burns them down ASAP) as like a baseline for any time I do it? Is it really ok for me to just do healing and support, or should I have just been burning the adds? Or was this just a bad experience that shouldn’t have happened?

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Edit: just wanted to add as well, it wasn’t a situation where I ‘called out’ or anything like that – except maybe by myself lol. I don’t know if the other party members even noticed that I was getting confused about how fast we were supposed to be going


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