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[Spoiler warning!] I need to talk about how much I love the thieves guild for a hot minute

Content of the article: "[Spoiler warning!] I need to talk about how much I love the thieves guild for a hot minute"

Sorry, this is gonna be a small rant about how much I absolutely adore the thieves guild.

So first off, the questline. I've become the leader of every faction available in skyrim and I've never loved a questline more than that of the thieves guild. The story is interesting, the quests are fun, and the twist of Mercer Frey betraying you is just perfection and really took me by surprise.

Next is the members themselves. Almost all of them have their own things going on in their lives that you can find out by eavesdropping on them or finding letters littered around the flagon and cistern (for example, Tonilia is cheating on Dirge with Brynjolf. Or Rune is looking for his lost family) it's all very immersive, and I love listening in on that type of stuff.

Lastly is the dialogue that the members have with you. It's just so different from the other NPCs in the game. While most NPCs would just kinda say random stuff, the members in the thieves guild (or at least the ones walking around the cistern) actually start a conversation with something along the lines of "can we talk for a moment?" And then they COMPLIMENT YOU. It is so refreshing to have an NPC say something nice about your character. As I'm sure you may know, everyone in skyrim likes to belittle the player. I know that's kinda what makes it different from other games but still, to have the player genuinely be complimented kinda really adds to that "family" type aspect that the thieves guild has. ᵃˡˢᵒᵇʳʸⁿʲᵒˡᶠⁱˢˡᵒʷᵏᵉʸʰᵒᵗʸᵒᵘᵈⁱᵈⁿᵗʰᵉᵃʳᵗʰᵃᵗᶠʳᵒᵐᵐᵉᵗʰᵒ

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10/10 favourite faction.

Anyway, to anyone reading this thank you for allowing me to gush over a fictional group in a fantasy video game, and also if you haven't played through the thieves guild questline yet, you should👍👍👍


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