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(Spoiler warning) Yesterday, i finished Morrowind. Here’s how it went.

So, out of the gate. For a game that is around two years older than me, Morrowind was AMAZING. The story was so consuming to the point where after half an hour or so the graphics didn't affect me at any way and the music makes you feel like you're there, in Vvardenfell on your way to bring peace back to Morrowind.

So, i have close to none memories from how i began Morrowind, since i started it a few months ago and came back just about 3 days ago, but i will still tell what i remember.

I started the game as a Barbarian class Argonian, which was a mistake, because i didn't know yet i cannot wear certain helmets (which i realized after finishing the game, that i can wear some helmets) and i cannot wear boots at all. I wrote some papers, got a passport, and was free to do whatever i want in the world of Morrowind. My first quest was to go to Balmora, meet a man that would give me a quest or some, so i did what i was told to, went to Balmora, met the guy and i was told to get some equipment first, and maybe join a guild. I don't remember a lot from that period, but i had a steel two handed axe when i came back, so i guess i got that. I've done some quests for the fighters guild, some for Caius, and now, the Argonian is on his way to find a person named Mehra Milo in Vivec, and i thought to myself: "hey this guard has a nice armor. I want it now." And i killed a guard and got myself a nice set of armor for a price of one thousand gold. Although what i did not know, is that i will be eternally hated if i wear the armor of the guards and speak to them. So i had to load a save, that was like, half an hour ago. Then after that my boy Caius had to go, and i had to move myself to Urshilaku camp, where i had to do a few usual "clear that,kill that" quests to learn i meet some requirements of being the Nerevarine. Then i had to go to a cave in middle of nowhere to get the Moon and Star ring, that would give me a…mark? I suppose? And after i got jumpscared at the cutscene i saw ghosts in the room with the ring, and one gave me a new toy, an enchanted glass axe, so now i was an argonian with orcish armor and a glass axe, somewhere in between i got daedric gloves and pants so i switched some pieces to that for exchange of many points of armor, because the daedric armor is heavy and the orcish is medium which i specialized in, but hey, at least i looked cool. After coming back i was sent on a mission to become a president of 3 clans and 4 camps, which took me an awfully long time to do but hey, when becoming a hortator of one of the clans, i drank an unholy amount of drugs i had leftover and in a drunk rage i killed a man who challenged me to a duel, and i got the daedric dai-katana, which after spending a huge amount of money on training, became my new weapon. And after that, i met Vivec, he gave me a funny glove, and sent me to get a funny hammer and a funny dagger. I knew this must be close to the end, so i got as many drugs and potions i could before doing so and went to recover the tools of Kagrenac, which wasn't so hard, but i had the last mission to do. Kill a god. That was what i prepared the unholy amount of sujammas, greifs, flins and probably some other for. I navigated through the dwemer ruins, and there he stood, with his shiny golden mask doing funny moves. I spoke with him for a little while before saving, drinking every alcoholic beverage i had and utterly obliterating him with just a few hits, the entrance to the second chamber opened. I spent a first few tries on figuring out what to do, before seeing a heart and looking into things i noted myself, and saw what i needed "hit hammer,slash dagger. Glove" and that also took me a few tries. And then i failed a few to kill the first phase because my long blade skill was only around 65. And then, the good try came. I destroyed his first phase, then destroyed his dreams, and then destroyed him again. After being confused with what to do after, i looked into the journal, and ran out from the room. A cutscene began, i took a ring from Azura, and i finished Morrowind. What a alcohol fueled journey it was. Next thing i did was spawning 50 sujammas via console and destroying Vivec himself, then loading a save before so back. And that's pretty much it. Thank you for reading!

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