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[SSE HELP] Weird torch animation bugs

Been experiencing some weird animation bugs with the torch. For reference, here is a video of the issue. There is an almost scooping animation when I equip and unequip torches. The PC bends down as if bowing down but the left hand is as if it is holding a torch. This only goes away when I jump or equip a weapon / get my fists up. In the first person, I cannot even move or look left to right, only up and down. Only equipping something fixes it in the first person. Weird.

These just started today with no changes to my mod list in terms of animations apart from removing CGO, something I have done to swap out with Porrone's Flying Mod. However, going back and forth between them for testing showed these two did not cause it. Skyrim Load order – Google Docs is my load order. (Goes without saying that I use Nemesis because of CGO, so the few patches FNIS had for skeleton fixes as I saw online in a few places won't apply here, at least to my knowledge).

Unequipping a torch (note, any torch) and equipping it constantly actually had some weird sound play and it transported me back to the start of Ustengrav when I was inside it. Never happen before or since and no idea if it is related but just giving as much information as possible.

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Lastly, this is happening even on first saves, and after removing all nemesis content in the overwrite folder, cache, and everything. The only thing left to check at this point is reinstalling the game and all my mods little by little but given that I have exams coming up and that I have 400 mods in the game, including bashed patches, I will not be able to find the time for that.

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended – Fixed Scripts at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus – Mods and Community ( Also downloaded this recently but do not know if this is the issue. Disabling it did not do anything.

Currently working around this by having the equipable lantern and the summer must enchantment of having an illuminated necklace but any suggestions would be nice because I am stumped.

Thanks in advance


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