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SSE Infinite Loading Screen on Startup (menu not showing up)

I play SSE with mods, and it worked great up until recently. I installed some new mods, and after that I've ran into an infinite loading screen when starting the game, where it won't load in the menu.

My mods list:

Shared via Modwatch:

Total active plugins are 119 (according to LOOT).

The mods I installed since last time I played:

The game worked just fine without any crashes prior to installing these new mods.

The solutions I've tried so far, but that didn't work:

  • I've made sure that my SKSE64 and normal SSE are both up to date
  • I've used LOOT to make sure that there are no conflicts, that I got all the correct dependencies, and to make sure there aren't any dirty plugins.
  • I've tried installing SSE Engine Fix because I read that it might help, but it didn't work (I've made sure I installed it correctly).
  • I tried uninstalling all the new mods I installed, but that didn't solve the issue.
  • I tried to uninstall half my mods (the new mods + some extra ones), but the infinite loading screen still persisted.
  • I tried disabling the mods in "chunks"/groups to see if I could systematically find the mod that's causing this, but this didn't work either.
  • I've let the game run for as long as 2 hours, just to make sure it wasn't just an absurdly long loading time, but this hasn't worked either.
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Other possible relevant information:

  • I'm using the NVT ENB and SKSE64. SKSE64 is up to date, but my ENB series version is the that was released prior to the current one, because for some reason my game wouldn't even start up when I used the latest version (however my game has worked on this older version of the ENB series before I installed the new mods, so I don't know how relevant this is).
  • After trying to start the game (after installing the new mods) I also started getting occasional messages that my .NET Script Framework DLL was running into some issues, but those disappeared after reinstalling it.
  • There is a Bashed Patch and a USSEP patch for "Cloaks of Skyrim" in the mods list, but neither of them are active plugins. They're just on the list because I'm unable to remove/delete them for some reason (but it has been like that since long before my current issues began, so it's probably not relevant) – also I don't use USSEP.
  • I've made no other changes to my computer settings, my driver and everything else is up to date as well.


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