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SSE modding CTD on startup

Content of the article: "SSE modding CTD on startup"

Hey all, I'm back and as confused as ever.

I recently went through this guide for mods for sse:
I launched skyrim after every few mods, and everything was fine. I finally got to the end of his guide and downloaded just a few mods, then boom- skyrim not launching. I tried disabling those particular mods, but no luck.

I tried a bash patch, checked all my masters, ordered everything with loot, and run skse launcher as administrator with no luck. Also verified integrity of game files.

Skyrim simply crashes right from the launcher every single time. I don't even get to the bethesda logo. Steam claims it's" running" for about 10 seconds.

I do have "Simply Knock" installed and active, but I have the patch installed to stop the ctd on startup (though i did try launching with it disabled just in case).

At this point I don't know what to do and figured it's my load order which I will post below.

Any suggestions/tips/remedies?

Thanks everyone!

Mod order:

Active Mod Files:

00 Skyrim.esm

01 Update.esm

02 Dawnguard.esm

03 Hearthfires.esm

04 Dragonborn.esm

05 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp

06 Skyrim Project Optimization – Full Version.esm

07 MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm

08 TKChildren.esm

09 BSAssets.esm

0A MajesticMountains_Moss.esp

0B BSHeartland.esm

0C BS_DLC_patch.esp

0D Falskaar.esm

0E Vigilant.esm

0F GeneralStores.esm

10 FISS.esp

11 BolarsOathReplacer.esl

12 Legendary Elder Scrolls Loading Screen.esl

13 SkyUI_SE.esp

14 SkyrimImprovedPuddles-DG-HF-DB.esp

15 SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp

16 ELFX – Exteriors.esp

17 Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp

18 Obsidian Weathers.esp

19 Immersive Movement.esp

1A NSUTR_bugfixes.esp

1B StormLightning.esp

1C Jop – BrumaPatch.esp

1D Serana.esp

1E Durnehviir God of Death.esp

1F SimplyClimbing.esp

20 Followers_StealthKills.esp

21 Dienes_Crafting_Storage(GS).esp

22 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp

23 Enhanced Interiors Radioactive.esp

24 Dark_Forests.esp

25 RealisticRoomRental.esp

26 FlowerFields.esp

27 fortdawnguardimmersive.esp

28 The Great Cities – Minor Cities and Towns.esp

29 Enhanced Interiors Radioactive ELFX Patch.esp

2A Enhanced Interiors Taverns with ELFX.esp

2B proudspiremanortnf.esp

2C Cutting Room Floor.esp

2D Book Covers Skyrim.esp

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2E Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp

2F hjerimtnf.esp

30 Dawn of Skyrim.esp

31 Crime Overhaul.esp

32 RRR_ELFX-Patch.esp

33 ELFX Fixes.esp

34 Helgen Reborn.esp

35 SurWR.esp

36 HSTNF.esp

37 Eli_Breezehome.esp

38 FDIELnFXPatch.esp

39 Serana Dialogue Edit.esp

3A SeranaDialogAddon.esp

3B FDISPOPatch.esp

3C Weathered Road Signs.esp

3D Realistic Boat Bobbing.esp

3E Settlements Expanded SE.esp

3F CG4 FX_SnowDrop.esp

40 SpiceOfLife – OrcLStrongholds.esp

** Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp

41 HearthfireMultiKid.esp

42 hearthfireextended.esp

43 ZIA_Complete Pack.esp

44 Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim.esp

45 cliffs.esp

46 Qw_BookCoversSkyrim_CRF Patch.esp

47 Wintersun – ZIA Patch.esp

48 Wintersun – BCS Patch.esp

49 Cinematic Dragon Soul Absorbtion.esp

4A TheScarlett.esp

4B MillwaterRetreat.esp

4C AretinoHome.esp

4D Arvak Reborn.esp

4E ORM-Arvak.esp

4F More_Saddles.esp

50 More_Saddles – Shadowmere – Bard.esp

51 CuyiPriestHoods.esp

52 Unique Dragon Aspect.esp

53 BeandBarbSpecials.esp

54 Smoking Torches And Candles.esp

55 VexCandleMageLightSE.esp

56 Kala_Eyes.esp

57 Enhanced Interiors Radioactive SPO Patch.esp

58 Tel Mithryn.esp

59 Enhanced Interiors Longhouses.esp

5A moonpath.esp

5B JRMoonpathtoElsweyrPatch.esp

5C Enhanced Interiors Longhouses ELFX patch.esp

5D Cloaks.esp

5E RiversideLodge.esp

5F CG4 Visual_Trees&Bushes.esp

60 LKVM Cellar and Exterior.esp

61 Qw_BeyondSkyrimBruma_USSEP Hotfix Patch.esp

62 fallentreebridgesSSE.esp

63 Inigo.esp

64 LKVM Main House.esp

65 Weathered Road Signs – CRF.esp

66 SofiaFollower.esp

67 SofiaFollowerOverhaul.esp

68 SilvermoonMansion.esp


6A TKChildren.esp

6B Joy of Perspective.esp

6C ElysiumEstate.esp

6D NordicRunestones.esp

6E CaranthirTowerReborn.esp

6F Snow Shader Fix.esp

70 Windhelm Lighthouse.esp

71 Hearthfire General Stores Addon.esp

72 stendarrsbeaconenhancedRv4sse.esp

73 Halls Of Dovahndor SSE.esp

74 Recorder Follower Base.esp

75 Recorder Follower Patch.esp

76 Qw_SofiaFollower_USSEP Patch.esp

77 greylight.esp

78 No Snow Under The Roof – CRF Patch.esp

79 Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp

7A RiverwoodHuntingCabinSE.esp

7B LKVM_NOGrass.esp

7C garm_sr_no_armor.esp

7D SolitudeTheLuckySkeeverNEO.esp

7E Player Homes Map Markers.esp

7F Wintersun – SIC Patch.esp

80 LKVMII_LT01.esp

81 LKVM_LT04.esp

82 fallenbridgesSSE-Patch.esp

83 HFE-CRF-Patch.esp

84 MBW Dragon Souls to Perk Points.esp

85 RBB – USSEP Patch.esp

86 Sneak Tools.esp

87 Elizabeth's Tower – Azura Shrine.esp

88 MONSTERaider – Personal Quarter.esp

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89 Tiikeli.esp

8A Obsidian Weathers MCM.esp

8B Obsidian Weathers for Vigilant.esp

8C WondersofWeather.esp

8D ObsidianWeatherBrumaPatch.esp

8E S3DRocks.esp

8F SkygazerMoonsSize.esp

90 BlendedRoads.esp

91 DeadlySpellImpacts.esp

92 Frost Meshes Patch.esp

93 DustEffectsSSE.esp

94 ObsidianWaterFix.esp

95 Rayg_NoBYOHAttacks.esp

96 1_Vals_Crafting_Meltdown_SE.esp

97 McmOresFirewoods.esp

98 LeftHandRings.esp

99 Immersive Weapons.esp

9A PAN_NPCs.esp

9B Qw_PANNPCs_CRF Patch.esp

9C Men of Winter.esp

9D Men of Winter – Skills&Perks Module.esp

9E Tel Mithryn Prison.esp

9F Cloaks – Dawnguard.esp

A0 Qw_CloaksOfSkyrim_CRF Patch.esp

A1 AMatterOfTime.esp

A2 ArcheryV2.esp

A3 Archery_Bruma_Patch.esp

A4 BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp

A5 Qw_BarenziahQuestMarkers_USSEP Patch.esp

A6 BecomeABard.esp

A7 BloodmoonRising.esp

A8 Dragon Stalking Fix.esp

A9 LeftHandRings-1stPersonView.esp

AA MajesticMountains.esp

AB Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE.esp

AC FleshFX.esp

AD Moonlight Tales Special Edition.esp

AE Whiterun Tower – Mesh Fix.esp

AF dD – Realistic Ragdoll Force – Realistic.esp

B0 NightEyeENBFix.esp

B1 HearthfireMultiKid_LastName.esp

B2 Predator Vision.esp

B3 Sneak Tools Vanilla Hoods.esp

B4 Sneak Tools Vanilla Masks.esp

B5 SMIM-RatwayChandellierFix.esp

B6 StrangeRunes.esp

B7 DumplingsbyKadraeus.esp

B8 KaliliesBrows.esp

B9 HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposits SE.esp

BA TAotB – New Facial Hairs.esp

BB Elemental_Staffs.esp

BC PDragonbane_Replacer.esp

BD SolitudeDomePaintings.esp

BE KTABladeOfWoe.esp

BF Improved Fire Salts Frost Salts And Glow Dust.esp

C0 HagravenSkinShaders.esp

C1 HD Quill of Germination – Light.esp

C2 Saeri_AetherialCrown.esp

C3 CraftableCloudStorage(GS).esp

C4 Jorrvaskr Map Marker.esp

C5 Serio's Cycle Hotkeys.esp

C6 UnreadBooksGlow.esp

C7 Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens.esp

C8 Windhelm Docks Map Marker.esp

C9 SignatureEquipment.esp

CA GIST soul trap.esp

CB Beyond Bruma – Trade and Barter Patch.esp

CC Imperious – Races of Skyrim.esp

CD AKA_LeftHandRings_Patch.esp

** Trade & Barter.esp

CE Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim.esp

CF Ordinator – Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch.esp

D0 Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim.esp

D1 Alternate Start – Live Another Life.esp

D2 PCE – Live Another Life Patch.esp

D3 Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul.esp

D4 Palaces Castles Enhanced.esp

D5 CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp

D6 Winterhold Restored.esp

D7 RRR – Immersive Citizens Patch.esp

D8 Qw_PANNPCs_ICoWinterhold Patch.esp

D9 Immersive Horses.esp

DA Book Covers Skyrim – Immersive Horses Patch.esp

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DB Immersive Horses – BS Bruma Patch.esp





E0 CWIOrdinatorPatchSSE.esp

E1 PCE – Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Patch.esp

E2 PCE – SPO Patch.esp

E3 PCE – USSEP+CRF Patch.esp

E4 Open Cities Skyrim.esp

E5 Immersive Citizens – OCS patch.esp

E6 PCE – Open Cities Patch.esp

E7 CWIOpenCitiesSEPatch.esp

E8 ELFX – Exteriors Open Cities Patch.esp

E9 Recorder – OCS Patch.esp

EA ELFXEnhancer.esp

EB ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon Fix.esp

EC Enhanced Interiors Radioactive ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp

ED Immersive Citizens – ELFXEnhancer patch.esp

EE PCE – ELFXEnhancer Patch.esp

EF Bashed Patch, 0.esp

F0 Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp


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