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SSE Organic Factions and Extension updated

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Greetings all!

This is the SSE post for the big announcement — new content in the <SSE Organic Factions Extension> mod! Note this will require the newest version of the <SSE Organic Factions> framework. For those not familiar with either mod, there's a quick recap video <


BTW, I made a — for the sake of convenience, I've pasted the same "new features" information below. Have fun!

ElderGleam Druid Faction

There are some major quests in Skyrim that open up the possibility for the player to become a Werewolf or a Vampire — each has their own special storyline and series of mini-quests, some of which are have limited availability depending on the player's chosen path.

There are very few "upsides" to abstaining from either of these choices — in fact, there is a significant amount of "walled off" content that the player can only experience by joining one of these groups. That begs the question: What reason would the player ever have to not stay a member of one of these factions? So long as they don't do obvious stuff like transforming or killing in public, the player will never be detected — even Vigilants will walk right past.

Rather than change the entire mechanics of the game, what if there were a faction that balanced that out? Once more, what if there were a faction that could help if you were in the right place at the right time, but wasn't there as another "cardboard cut-out" for the player to enlist / activate in their game?

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The ElderGleam faction has several Druids which move around to various locations, fighting bandits, vanquishing vampires, breaking up dog fighting rings, and pursuing the interests of the natural world. Each will garner their own type of followers (Giants, Spriggans, or Wolf Spirits), and distribute them among their allies; slaying one Druid not only reduces the power of the Faction, but means that their particular type of natural ally will not respawn until a replacement Druid is anointed.

Note that Druids are more vulnerable when they invade the interior of a location, since only a few of their allies can enter (Spriggans and Rangers). The player can come to their aid, or use these high-risk situations to take them out.

Each Druid has their own special type of spells and powers, as suggested by their names. Their patrols can be found in-game on the notes given by the leader — further "spoilers" can be found on the mod description.

Glenmoril Werewolf Faction

Speaking of unnatural forces, the Glenmoril Coven has become more ambitious in its quest for power and domination. New Crones and werewolf patrols can be found near the Roadside Ruins, Hunter's Rest, and Gjukar's Monument.

These groups will only start to appear once the player reaches level 10. However, as the player gains levels, the Faction will increase its challenge not by simply "buffing up" its own members to match the player's level — instead, different Actors with different combat roles will begin to appear. These will complement existing members, so their contingent is more "well-rounded", similar to how teams pick their roles in competitive games like Overwatch. This can include archers that can become werewolves for a short period of time, storm mages, or even trolls.

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Note that these new members aren't simply mindless die-hard fodder. The more intelligent members will flee the scene if grievously hurt, or if the local Crone Captain is slain. They will return to Glenmoril Coven exterior, awaiting a new Crone Captain to be appointed for their designated area.

This creates a "trade-off" challenge for the player — if they take the "easy" option of slaying only the Captain at each location, then taking out the leader at the Glenmoril Coven will become more difficult. If they want to prevent this "snowball" effect, the player will either have to break off combat to ensure that no enemies escape, or head straight for the heart of the Glenmoril Coven, dodging all the patrols along the way.

This Faction is intended to be a nice early-to-mid tier challenge. This group will continue to spawn through the late game, though they will not be nearly so daunting as the Forsworn of the Lost Valley. However, I may opt to spawn other horrors from the same base location at a later date. <Insert evil laughter here.>


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