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Staffs and Scrolls for Tes 6 or Other Future Titles

Content of the article: "Staffs and Scrolls for Tes 6 or Other Future Titles"

I dabbled in Morrowind and Oblivion, I've played Skyrim and ESO heavily, and the question I have on my mind is how should staffs and scrolls be incorporated into future TES titles? Or at least I want to see communities ideas and share my own.

I'm going to base their status off of Skyrim since that's their latest iteration in a main BGS TES title. Personally I hope that TES 6 keeps the streamlined mechanics but makes them go deeper and work off of each other more. So for example: if you spent time putting points into both Conjuration-bound item perks, and Destruction-fire spells, a perk would then be unlocked to have your bound items be wreathed in fire.

So on the topic of staffs and scrolls they should obviously be more useful in the next game. Solsthiem and the Orfinator's perk mod helped improve them but still they weren't all that great compared to your other options. I do understand that staffs and scrolls probably won't ever be as powerful as regular spell casting, but they should at least bring a unique playstyle with different options while not being useless.

What I hope staffs and scrolls have in next TES -enchanting skill tree -craftable -customizable -multiple spells or spell levels/variants on staffs -unique and powerful spells on scrolls -have other skill trees affect both staffs and scrolls

Some ideas for abilities/perks the staff could have: -wards appear when blocking -the spell effect is doubled -silent casting -melee attack (if we could get a polearm skill tree)

Scrolls could have some involvement with speech, like if you were to read the spell aloud you would cast it faster. Scrolls could also maybe get limited charges as you get more skilled with them; 3 or 5 max. Either way scrolls should be worth using.

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One idea for staff creation is the application of runes. Each rune could represent a spell or variant of said spell. When you hold it you could switch runes (the rune that's glowing could show which spell is active), so you could be using flames and then switch over to firebolt or flame cloak.

It could fit or maybe not. Again, I just hope for some more features and interests in both staffs and scrolls.

Please comment your ideas and thoughts on my take.


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