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I recently created a Bosmer Warden and have been going down the stamina path. It's currently around level 40 and has been going fine so far until I went into some harder content and I realized more fully that it's quite a bit different than my MagDK and MagSorc, and I'm wondering how to adapt to make it better. I do fine in solo content and even managed to solo a world boss or two around level 35 or so as well as soloing Banished Cells 1.

Here's the thing I noticed though – I do great in one-on-one combat but suck in dealing with mobs. I died several times in Banished Cells 1, but every time I died was due to me not being able to deal effectively with mobs while also mitigating their damage. Once I cleared the mobs, dealing with the boss wasn't too bad. My MagDK excels at mobs due to having a bunch of AOEs as well as area DOTS that make melting mobs easy. In fact, with its Inhale skill and morphs, having lots of mobs actually helps my survivability, because I can kill them and fully heal myself at the same time so long as damage to me doesn't exceed 15k per second or so.

So far, the skills that seem similar on Warden mostly appear to be magicka abilities, and while I have pretty much infinite stamina sustain right now, not so much with Magicka, and since I'm prioritizing stamina, those abilities are also less effective than they would be for a MagDen.

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So, I'm wondering what people typically do to make their character more effective? (primarily for solo play – maybe it would be less of an issue with group content since there would other players that make up for my weaknesses)

My current setup (appoximately, I'm going from memory right now) is more or less as follows:

  • Hundings armor (level 26 training set I crafted for myself – not sure if it's worth crafting another one for my last 10 levels)
  • Twin Sisters rings and random necklace – just taking what works that I find as I go along
  • Bow front bar with volley/snipe/cutting dive/soothing spores/ice fortress
  • DW back bar with Subterranean assault/bloodthirst/arctic blast/bull netch/gripping shards

I'm using the bear for now too (despite it always getting in the way), since it's free DPS and I don't often use ultimates.

I currently spend most of my time on the backbar and use bloodthirst as my spamable. I use the front bar mostly to set up a volley and ice fortress. I don't use it much more than that unless I want to stay ranged. I should probably just swap them, lol.

My armor and jewelry will change once I get to level 50 and can craft a proper set of Hundings and craft or find better jewelry and weapons, etc. So I'm wondering more about what people find works well and that they enjoy with weapons and skills. I went with bow and DW to start with. To be fair, I haven't given 2H a real try, so I don't know what there might help. I also know there are other skill lines I might consider (like undaunted, etc.), but am not sure what might be good ways to go.

So, if you're still with me, thank you. 🙂 What do you like to use and find works well for you?

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