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Still no Mortal’s Mask!? (Vampire post)

So the new nightfall crown crates came out. I was waiting happily like a kid on Christmas for them because I figured that finally ZOS would release a skin that hides your vampirism. Many of us vampires have hated how Vampirism makes us look for ages.

What do we get? Crystalfrost v2. I forget its actual name but it's really just a darker version of the Crystalfrost skin. Really ZOS? Really?

If anyone from ZOS reads this PLEASE send this post to someone who has the authority to add stuff to the game.

Vampirism looks okay for some races. High elves for example kinda look hot as vampires. White Khajit and vampiric Khajit basically look the same.

Some races and skin tones dont make sense though. Dark elves with very dark skin color, why does vampirism turn us so white? Khajiit with black fur shouldn't change color at all…or atleast not immediately like they do. That's just not how hair and fur works.

My desire is this. A skin that can be bought from the crown store with crowns that changes our skin to what we chose during character customization. Call it Mortals Mask. In the description state that it is an illusion spell. Boom. Easiest money you've ever made.

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For the people who think vampires should look like vampires and that there should be no option otherwise.

  1. We already have skins that hide vampirism but some of us just want to have normal looking skin.

  2. Vampirism appearance serves no purpose in pvp because it can be hidden by armor and skins. Furthermore any vampire who's been playing this game for a while counters the drawbacks of vampirism anyways. Even if we dont hide it and are pale as heck using a fire spell or dawn breaker over your other abilities wont provide any extra damage because of our counters.

  3. This makes sense in lore! Illusion magic is a thing and there are a couple vampires ingame that hide their vampirism when you first meet them.

  4. We'd like to be able to use tattoos and body markings again. It doesnt make sense at all how a black tattoo becomes invisible on pale vampire skin.

My point is that it doesnt make sense to not have a skin available to players that makes vampires look normal when there are skins, armor, and disguises that hide vampirism already in the game. ZOS will release more skins that will hide vampirism regardless, whether you like it or not. Is it really so wrong for one of those skins to make us look like the defualt we choose while making our characters?

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