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Stuck in Queue forever

Content of the article: "Stuck in Queue forever"

I'm frustrated by this, because I've gone to the forum where every similar thread has been locked saying something like "other threads also describe the same issue" or some garbage like that.

I have an account with several characters stuck in a dungeon queue. Can't leave the queue. Logging off and on doesn't change anything. Joining a group and leaving, joining a group and getting kicked, nothing helps. I log off and back on, even on another PC, still in queue.

I want to post on the forum but I can't, as I never got some "invitation" to join, even as an ESO+ subscriber.

Adding insult to injury I got an email survey asking me all about how I was enjoying ESO. Great.

I don't know if this is related, but I often try to play with another player at the same location on another PC. When we try to queue together (various combinations of level and role) the dungeon never, ever pops for us together, even though we can usually queue separately with no issues.

But now I can't even try to queue — or leave queue — on my main character. I know this is a known issue (it's on the forum enough that the forum mods sees fit to stop discussions about it) but no solution is posted. There's one forum post that implies the problem will remain until the next game update. That's not okay.

I have a bunch of other issues that I wish the survey had asked about. First on my mind is the fact that I bought the game through Steam, which creates this weird identity/access problem when it comes to signing onto the EOS site directly, or Zenimax, or Bethesda, or whatever the hell brand name this company expects me to keep track of. Being denied access to the forum despite being a paying subscriber strikes me as the worst kind of service, and I feel like I'm being penalized for buying the game through Steam, even though I believe that's what the game company asked me to do.

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My in-game username is personal and I didn't realize it would be exposed, so I want to change it. In order to do that, I apparently need a login to a site that I can't go to, I assume for the same reason I can't sign into the game directly whenever I have to do this whole "kill the game application, restart Steam, and login that way."

Other online games have their issues, glitches, scaling problems, security concerns, etc., but ESO seems to have gotten some really basic things wrong.


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