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Suddenly cant use MagDK leap and fossilize bug?

Content of the article: "Suddenly cant use MagDK leap and fossilize bug?"

Seems like i cant use those skills be it on mobs or players :/ Is there a solution? I tried restarting the game and i could cast fossilize once on a mob but not leap wth. In imperial city btw right now

Edit: found this thread it has a working workaround:

The very momment you step in a BG or upper districts in IC, "Chain Pull Range Suppression" buff removes the range from your gape closer abilities.The point is, it removes permanently after update 27 and doesn't matter if you die, reloadui or log out.So, what you have to do is:

Step 1) Remove the skill from your bar BEFORE you queue for BG or before you climb the ladders in IC, and let it unslotted while you're in the safe area. (as said before, once this buff touches your ability, it removes the range permanently and you cannot let that happen)Step 2) Now, you'll only re-slot your gap closer ability when you actually leave the safe area and start to play in the lower site. That's because you only lose that "Chain Pull Range Suppression" after you leave the safe area.

Interesting to think is that only the initial "Chain Pull Range Suppression" makes the bug. So, when you die, you don't need to worry, you ability will still work. But you have to repeat the process for every battleground or IC instance. You can download and use one of that addons that quick switch gears and skills with a shortcut to make the process easy.

Tested with Ferocious Leap and Toppling Charge, in battlegrounds and IC.

I hope with this kind of feedback they can fix this bug before IC event.

Need to test second workaround too:

It's not a permanent fix by any means but I was able to /reloadui on PS4 NA last night and Lotus Fan came back for a bit. It went away again but this did bring it back every time.

Fix your game zos

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