The Elder Scrolls

Sunvaar, monster of the ghost sea

Chapter five in a Colovian scholars book chronicling Tamrielic Sea Monster Legends

“Ye don’ know what’s out their lad! Ye think you sail up North and you’ll come back? Ha! I’ve seen it! The Sunvaar! There’s a reason the ships all hug th’ coast even if the sailors don’t know it. Maybe no one believes me but it’s there!”

the Nord sailor looked me in the eye as he said this, with a crazed look on his face. The people of Dawnstar say they saw him drift to shore on a piece of driftwood, apparently the only survivor of a fishing crew

Go on.

“Ye don’t expect to catch so many fish in the middle of winter. But that’s what was happening. We were catching nets upon nets of the little buggers. So many fish that we filled up the cargo bay with nets. It seemed to good to be true, almost like they was running from something”

“An’ then the storm hit, even though we hadn’t seen any sign of bad weather that day. Thunder, Hail, an’ lightening. Could barley see the fingers on me own hand.”

So a storm sunk your ship?

“If only we was so lucky. It was not long after the storm started that the helmsman spotted an island on the horizon towards the direction the fishes was comin’ from (he’s a Khajiit and can see in the dark), which was odd because there wasn’t no island on our map”

“Captain Baldring decided we’d land there because he was certain the storm was goin’ to sink us. An’ so we sailed closer to the thing, but we couldn’t land the ship because the slope was steep and too slippery. He said we’d drop anchor and use the ropes and boarding ramp to make a ladder and climb up the thing as soon as the wind got us a little closer”

“When we dropped the anchor we heard a growl, a growl so loud that it shook the boat. Captain was right about to tell us it was just the wind, but then the island started to emerge from the water, an’ it wasn’t no island because we saw eyes then. White reflective eyes with a hungry and angry look to em. It was Sunvaar. Sunvaar the Ghost-Maker.”

“Staljorn screamed like a little girl then. We’d never heard that tough old Nord scream like that before. He screamed and tossed a harpoon at the monster. The creature caught it. It caught the damn harpoon in one of those tentacles. An’ then it threw it back at Staljorn, impalin’ him right through the heart like one of those Hammerfell kebabs.”

“Someone decided we’d ram the damn thing, I could feel the anchor being pulled up an’ the wind was pulling us to the monster fast. I didn’t see it all then cuz it was happenin’ so fast. Then there was a thud. The bow had been ripped off the ship by the impact. The creature had a nasty cut on him but didn’t look too hurt.”

“We should’ve been sinkin then, but since we weren’t I guess Sunvaar had grabbed the boat and was lifting it in the air. Thorning cut off one of the beasts arms with that sword of his, but then got grabbed behind by another arm. I heard a scream an’ then I saw a massive beak opening and closing, blood an’ guts pouring over it’s edges”

“I think I pissed meself after that. I crawled into a barrel to hide then, like the coward I am. After I got in the barrel I heard the sound of the boat being ripped in half an’ another one of those awful roars. I passed out. Last I remember a sailor found me out cold on the shore clutching on a piece of driftwood like me life depended on it”


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