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Survive in Cyrodiil: a guide for non PvP players during midyear mayhem

Content of the article: "Survive in Cyrodiil: a guide for non PvP players during midyear mayhem"

Midyear Mayhem invites a whole load of new players into the PvP parts of the game. This can be without doubt the most frightening element of ESO for many gamers, who just do not savour the hostility of open player versus player combat. But the rewards are sometimes worth it, and trying new things is good so here are a few orientation tips for people visiting Cyrodiil for the first time:

  1. There are daily missions on the boards in your base camps. Those give you the event crates. Take them.

  2. There are also daily missions in each of the three towns. They look like churches on your map and you can take the missions even if your faction does not own that location – though it is more perilous to do so. If you are really only there to PvE and collect boxes and someone attacks you, you can attempt to tell them to leave you alone by standing still and holding block. It won't always dissuade them, but some people will leave you alone.

  3. Buy siege weapons. Put your siege weapons in quickslots. USE your siege weapons.

  4. Survival is about being careful, and prepared. Stay in groups as much as possible. Single targets are easy targets. Hit your HoTs before entering combat. If you've been running easier PvE content recently, you may have lost this habit. Buy or make Invisibility and Detect potions and keep both quickslotted.

  5. Before you use (read: steal) another player's seemingly vacated siege engine, ask yourself: "is there something more useful I could be doing?"

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Examples of "more useful things" include: •Guarding the backs of people using their own siege engines •killing NPCs •killing enemy PCs •Healing friends •setting camps •Using your own siege weapons •resurrecting the dead guy whose siege you are now using while you stand on his face

  1. It's good to set camps. Champs build camps. Forward camps are usually the deciding factor in close-run siege battles. But don't place them too far from the fight, or else nobody will be able to rez there, and your camp will also block others from setting a camp in a more strategic position nearby. Try to set them in cover or beyond LoS if possible. Enemy scouts will seek and destroy camps constantly.

  2. When you're outnumbered, don't run towards that ally who is hidden in stealth. We know why you do it: you either want them to intercede in the fight to save you, or you hope that you can run past the stealthed ally and the enemy will stop to kill him, and give you enough time to escape. Both are worse tactics than taking the Death. The person in stealth is there to rez you when the coast is clear. If you get him wiped as well, that's a long journey back to base camp for the both of you.

  3. Veteran PvPers are all opportunist ****s. •You will get targeted when riding a horse that isn't max speed. •You will get targeted for running below 810cp in the CP-enabled campaigns. •You will get targeted if your display title is a low-level PvP rank (Tyro, etc) or a generic PvE title (Librarian, Empieror etc). Remind yourself that people are not specifically picking on you as an individual, but strategically choosing to chip away at the opponent numbers by taking out the perceived softest targets first.

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(NOTE: Lots of veteran PvPers find it amusing to reset their screen title to "Volunteer" during events so that new players will grief them and then they kill you. This too is inevitable. Cyrodiil is a horrible place and you have to find small joys wherever you can.)

BONUS TIP: Accept death as part of the game. You die a lot and it's no biggie; it's not something shameful like dying in normal Fungal Grotto at cp810. The ones who can't handle death wind up as jaded Necromancer tanks sitting at the same lumbermill for 21 hours every day bouncing up and down by themselves.


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