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Svaen The Inebriated: Eleventh Entry

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20th of Last Seed, 3E 427 (Day 6, 1st Hour)


I decided to head back to Balmora. The journey was quite interesting, as usual. Ajira still needed those flowers from a day or two ago so I went to Lake Amaya. It was on the way to Balmora; so, I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult… WRONG!!! It seemed as if every living thing was out to get me. I had my first encounter with a Cliff Racer, those damned little beasts; one of them thought my hat was a piece of fruit and soon a whole pack followed. Upon murdering the entire flock, I had a little rest. To my surprise, another one of the gimp-men awoke me while I was sleeping and attacked me. This one was a little more skilled; but, I had my handy-dandy knife-y wielded in my hand as I slept. He stabbed me in the leg but that left his neck open. Big mistake.

My experiences at Lake Amaya have to be my favorite in relation to Morrowind at this point. It was quiet, still, and calm. I was alone to do as I pleased. The flowers were easy to find, thank the Gods. The experience at the lake is so memorable because I got to see the mesmerizing night sky. I laid down on a rock and looked at the inexplicably huge chasm of the heavens for hours.

Morrowind The Beautiful

I stayed at the lake until about three in the morning. I then made my way to the Moonmoth Legion Fort to take refuge until it was light out; I had an uneasy feeling that someone was watching me. It’s probably because of what happened with the gimp-assassins on multiple occasions now. I don’t know if I should try to figure out why they are trying to attack me or if I should just keep them coming so I can sell their armor.

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"The name's Ajira and I'm a lazy prick."

When I returned with the flowers, Ajira was freaking out for a multitude of reasons. The first reason, in which I lost all respect for her, was that she was too damn lazy to get out of the basement and walk to the next building over to get a ceramic bowl. I ended up just stealing one from the shop along with a few swords and some cheap armor. Note to self: don’t sell to the person you stole from. The second reason is because Galbedir stole her reports on what I collected for her. I was tired of the feud between the two so I went and asked Galbedir to her face where the reports were.

"I want to learn about your mushroom, Svaen."

Galbedir was apprehensive at first; but, I worked my magic. I “dropped” my hat and took a minute to pick it back up. That got Galbedir all hot and bothered and she eventually spilled the beans. Sucker!

I’m glad that I read the reports. Ajira took the credit for the work that I did! That BITCH!!! I got her back though, I rubbed some Bungler’s Bane all over the reports before turning them in. That’ll teach her who to mess with.

On my way out the door, Ranis Athrys stopped me and informed me that I ranked up in the guild. She also implied that this carries with it more duties to accomplish. These included recruiting someone named Llarar Bereloth and extorting someone named Manwe. She was also very explicit in saying that, if they don’t comply, I am to murder them. I don’t know if I want to kill Llarar, that’s his choice. Is everyone in Morrowind corrupt with hidden agendas and hell-bending bloodlust?

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