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TES equivalent of Imrik from Warhammer Fantasy?

Warning: This ADHD/Asbergers post starts off talking about a lot of hypothetical in-universe scenarios, but then due to ADHD branches out and comes up with a hypothetical poorly written fan theory about a potential future Winterhold/Dawnstar, and Whiterun Expansion story arc because the writer (me) cannot stay on topic because of ADHD and goes off on off-topic subjects within other subjects.

Seriously, with all the dragon symbolism of Akatosh, and Akatosh and Auriel being the same, you'd think there'd be an early Aldmer, or Altmer who took a fascination with the dragons, or obsession, and began to the follow them, and became a Dragon Priest. Future ESO dungeon boss, world boss, or trial boss please? I know we are not very likely to ever get more Dragon content, but if we did, something like this would be dope. This dude could be the Imrik of the TES series with a lot of dragon followers because of how powerful he is. Or he sets out to find Aldmeris on his Dragon Mount like how the LDB rides Odahviing to Skuldafn. Of course he does not find it, but instead lands on another island south of Summerset, west of Pyandonea.

It does not even need to be an Aldmer or Altmer. It could have been an Ayleid who left central Cyrodiil before the Alessian Rebellion or during the Rebellion, and sought out the assistance of a group of dragons to help quash the Alessian Rebellion. Kind of like how Euraxia wanted to use the Dragons to conquer the rest of Elsweyr. This dude would be the badass Imrik of the TES franchise. (Warning, topic shifts to a fan made idea about a future ESO expansion/story arc (thank you ADHD, I love you too)) Or bloody Hell, make it a Snow Elf or group of Snow Elves who seeks the assistance of a renegade group of Dragons that were dissatisfied with Alduin and his Dragon Followers, and helped some of the Nord Heroes rebel against the Dragon Cult, but felt sympathy for the Snow Elves, and decided to ally with them later on to help them regain some of their conquered land millennia later. If we ever get a Winterhold Expansion, we can have some Snow Elf holdouts on the Island of Olenveld with a couple of Dragon allies. Not NEAR as many as the Elsweyr Story Arc, literally maybe 5 at most, and no Dragon Hunting Dolmen Harrowstorm, Situation, and Mirmulinir can be one of the dragons in this situation, but he betrays the Falmer, helps you and then goes into hiding until Alduin returns in Skyrim.

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Olenveld later on after ESO becomes a haven for Necromancers, and the Worm Cult (Too many Snow Elf bodies there preserved on the snowy island after the events of ESO. It does not help that Tiber Septim/Talos later uses the island as a glorified cemetery and the Mages Guild puts a guild hall there)

So in a future Winterhold or Whiterun expansion, we can see a Snow Elf resurgence with a very tiny small group of dragons (3-5, no more no less, no random dragon encounters, 1-2 Betray the Falmer to help the Vestige) assisting them with an "Imrik Warhammer Fantasy Style" leader who is supposed to be a reincarnated Snow Prince. Again don't overdo the dragons because we already got dragons with the Elsweyr Story Arc. I think Mirmulnir could be a dragon that helps the Vestige, then goes into hiding because he is wanted by the Dragonguard (for being a dragon), the Nords (for betraying them after the Dragon War), and now the Falmer (For betraying them). He comes back when Alduin returns hoping to get back in his good graces after originally betraying him to help the human rebellion, and is killed at the Western Whiterun Watch Tower by the Last Dragonborn and soul absorbed.

Two of the Dragons that are NOT killed in ESO at all who assist the Falmer Resurgence, and they flee to the Forgotten Vale to hide under the Icy Lake, and are killed in the Fourth Era, by the Last Dragonborn.

Ahbiilok Sightings dating back to the early years of the Dragonguard throughout the northern Jerralls <sic>. Multiple attempts to kill him have failed. He is believed to be lairing somewhere in Morrowind.

He could appear in a future Morrowind DLC, or Expansion or be involved with this hypothetical fan theory future expansion, and betray the Falmer to assist the Vestige, but flees to Morrowind afterward to avoid Dragonguard, Falmer, and Nordic hunters.

The remaining fifth dragon could get killed by the Vestige in a Whiterun or Winterhold expansion.

So what do you think? A "Warhammer Fantasy Imrik character" in the Elder Scrolls? Make him a Snow Elf, and reincarnated Snow Prince, and put him in a future Whiterun or Winterhold Expansion. He got a small army of Dragons, and he is able to get some of the hidden Snow Elves who did not accept the Dwemer Deal to rally behind his banner and use them as an army with their own unique crafting style of weapons and armor with a overworld set. He uses Olenveld off the coast of Winterhold as his base of operations. Perhaps not all Snow Elves agree with him and jump ship as he starts to lose, because they know the Nords will truly exterminate them all this time, and this time the Nords have the Ebonheart Pact with Dunmer and Argonian allies with a group of living Dunmer/Chimer gods, and Argonian tribes helping them, and a prophesied Vestige of prophecy from the Elder Scrolls, and the Dragonguard is around hunting dragons, and they know there is NO WAY IN OBLIVION they can win so many GO BACK into hiding once again, or assist the Nords, and Ebonheart Pact against the reincarnated Snow Prince, and his Dragon allies. Again, they KNOW, about Nordic racism towards them, and that the populace at large vilifies them because of the ancient tales of Saarthal, and Ysgramor, and them coming back with a team of Dragons to take back their land before learning of the consequences makes them go "oh shit, we made an oopsie" and they conclude trying to come out of hiding to settle amongst the Nords and "apologize" publicly for what happened in the Merethic Era, and them once again resurging in a rebellion with dragon followers is a bad idea. So they just go back into hiding again.

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"What about the Snow Elves who decide to help the Vestige?" Yes, those are the ones who assist the Vestige and his companions and the Pact, but then realize they cannot just peacefully settle amongst the Nords, or anywhere in Tamriel because of them being shown as the villains of history not just once, but now a second time. They can't just publicly apologize, even if King Jorunn himself talks to them, and erases their bounty, the populace at larges still hates them. Good luck going to Windhelm or Solitude where the Bards College is where all the Bards learn how to sing songs talking about YOUR RACE'S DESTRUCTION, and they learn how to sing songs that DEMONIZE YOUR PEOPLE, not just in Skyrim, but those bards travel all over Tamriel to sing songs that demonize you, and glorify your destruction, and most people of Tamriel are too illiterate, and too stupid even read or write, so they learn from song, and oral tradition to HATE YOU, and DESPISE YOU. Just for being a Snow Elf. You will get reminded of Saarthal EVERY DAY, and how "great High Kings of Skyrim" like Borgas, Wulfharth, and Olaf One-Eye in the First Era laughed as their armies slaughtered you. You can be a Snow Elf in an inn, and a random Patron Troll can come up to you with a "Beautiful" portrait of High King Hoag Merkiller painted at the Bard's College or Temple of Dibella and just shove it in your face. It'd be like a white supremacist showing a Jewish child or grandchild of someone who died or survived the Holocaust in Aushwitz a "gorgeous" portrait of Adolf Hitler, or Heinrich Himmler and laughing at you and saying "remember him?"

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So no, there's no way the remaining civilized Falmer would settle amongst the people of Tamriel, much less the human races, and even less the Nords themselves. I don't even think the Bretons, Nibeneans, or Colovians would be interested in having the Falmer, because of the bad taste in those cultures' mouths because of what the Nords taught them because of their Bards' College writing all those "hateful" songs. People travel from all over Tamriel just to go to the Prestigious ELITE Bards College to become a great bard. Even Argonian Bards. People of all races. The Head Master in 4E 201 Skyrim is an Altmer. Literally, almost every famous Bard in Tamriel goes to the Bards College in Solitude. All other Bards' schools pale in comparison. The Bards College is like Berkeley or Harvard in the TES universe.


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