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TES VI: An Idea Thread

Before I got into the lore of TES, I had an idea based off of my experience in the games. I'm having issues finding it, but in Morrowind there's a conversation where someone tells the Nerevarine a little about the Akaviri invasion and says the Akavir are waiting to return to Tamriel for a large upset. Something from the inside that will make Tamriel easier to conquer. I believed that the events of Skyrim were leading up to a large scale war. After the over throw of Imperial law and dismissal of the Thalmor, other countries are likely to follow Skyrim's uprising. This would cause a massive war that would make it easy for foreign invaders to get a foothold in Tamriel. The main story line, I imagined, would be heavily based on this war, and possibly in a DLC or future game we would see the Akaviri invaders return!

Now, after reading more into the lore, I have a new thought. Lorkhan's heart could not be destroyed by Auri-el or Trinimac (two most powerful et'ada). So even with tonalarchitechture I don't believe the Nerevarine could actually destroy it. Instead it slipped away from Mundus into Lorkhan's personal Oblivion plane. That plane being Sovrngarde as Lorkhan is viewed as Shor. As many have done throughout the series he may be reforming<1> (this source is for Daedra. However, Aedra and Daedra are similar entities, whose distinctionis based on involvement with creation/who they came from. As an aspect of Padomay and not using his own power to create Mundus, I view Lorkhan as more a Daedra). If Lorkhan remains unchanged, this could be very bad. We know the next game is in Hammerfell/Highrock, the location of The Convention. With the death of Alduin, we may have broken the Kalpar cycles. Returning to the Adamantine Tower may be a nod at a "new beginning", but I think there's something more sinister there.

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With that said, Talos may be a Mantled Lorkhan. They have nearly the same jurisdiction and are both heavily affluent in Nordic culture. So if Talos/Lorkhan have become one, there's a chance he's not as filled with malice as he was before. Manteling a "god" who's already "dead" would be much easier than trying to combat one who's conscience is more active. But, the one's who made up Talos were quite war-like.

Who knows what will happen, but these are my thoughts. What do you all think? I'd love to hear some theories!



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