The Elder Scrolls

thalmor embassy a CTD when i enter it and the loading screen starts

i get the disguise on, get on the carriage, tell Lucien to wait (since i have his mod installed) hand over my invitation to the guard, I enter the embassy then the game shits itself and it crashes to desktop while it loads, what do i do? i have no mods that affect the thalmor and i really don't want to have to set stage the quest. this has never happened before

edit: here is my load order

climates of tamriel and its darker nights addon
skyrim renewed
perks from questing
sovengarde nordic font
sanctified restoration magic
apocalypse magic and its ordinator patch
elemental destruction and its ordinator patch
heliomancy spell pack
uniques of oblivion
sky haven armory overhaul
heavy armory
tournamate of the ten bloods
oblicion artifact pack
house of horrors alternate ending
adept magic of ash
faction:pitfigter and its travels addon
royal armory
better grey quarter
the midden:expanded
way too many spells
moon and star
immersive citizens
reasonable guard dialog
diverse guards
set for underworld vampire attacks
amazing race tweaks:khajiit
diverse dragons
weapons of the third era
mermaids-mihail mods
ESO imports and its dawnguard and dragonborn patches
artifacts of ultima
armor of the old gods replacer
marvelous mirabelle
immersive lovers comfort
magical college of winterhold
jormungandr dragon
believable weapons
lein's female and male follower replacers
lein's volkihar clan replacer
nithhogg dragon
khajiit will follow
increased follower limit
citites of skyrim retexture
recruitable valerica
better desstroy the dark brotherhood
animated weapon enchantments
forgotten weapons of the arcana
vivid weathers
more gifts for children
dwemer spectres
no spinning death animation
extended world encounters
werelion werewolf replacer
forests of skyrim
emhanced blood textures
oblivion artifact pact (pc)
true storms
easierrider's dungeon pack
facemasks of skyrim
oblivion ghosts
player headtracking and emotions
wearable lanters
argonian hatchlings
khajiit caravan kittens
bandolier: bags and pouches
genesis surface encounters
leather backpack
shut up rolff
infinity sword
dunmer settelments on solesthime
stronger spells and magic
reoutfitted guards
your own thoughts
the paarthurnax dilemma
beauties of skyrim
meeko is a husky
sounds of skyrim complete
awesome artifacts
secret of the blood armory
blackreach enchanced
weightless dragon bones
more colorful potion bottles
jills of akatosh
lein's mages guild replacer
lein's thieve's guild replacer
Star spellswords
ODIN and its ordinator patch
lucien and his moon and star patch
alternate start

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