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The best Sky Haven temple mod? (DMT’s Skyhaven Temple Extreme Restoration)

Content of the article: "The best Sky Haven temple mod? (DMT’s Skyhaven Temple Extreme Restoration)"

Over the last few years, there have been some really good mods that overhaul Sky Haven Temple such as SkyHaven Enhanced and Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos but they have been left abandoned/removed and other ones that edit the interior are outshined by Sky Haven Temple Restored and Expandeds plethora of new features and the fact that it would conflict.

This mod however, acts as a compatibility patch between three of the most prominent Sky Haven Temple mods (and requires them): JK's Skyhaven forge , Sky Haven Temple – Gardens and Sky Haven Temple – Interior Overhaul and Player Home. It also greatly expands on the exterior. The mod author also made and updated version of Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos which greatly improves on the original BSAK and is also compatible with his Skyhaven Temple Extreme Restoration. BSAK has it's own quest inside of an ancient Akaviri tomb with a boss fight, great for roleplaying.

The best feature in my opinion about DMT's Skyhaven Temple Extreme Restoration is that it adds 6 new lore-approved Blades members that have their own backstories in their Dossiers (remember Nine-Toes from Morrowind, well Eight-Toes exists now and Tyr from Elder Scrolls: Legends is also there). My favourite part is that the Dossier on Delphine (inside Sky Haven Temple) states that she got demoted for her arrogance of becoming Grandmaster despite Esbern being the Senior and disrespecting the Dragonborn's decision to spare Paarthurnax, now Tyr is the Grandmaster 😀

The mod is also compatible with (but not requiring): Extra Blades SSE and The Paarthurnax Dilemma. I highly recommend this mod if you want a good Blades Overhaul mod pack or if you prefered Sky Haven Interiors to Sky Haven Restored and Expanded. The mod author intends to make other Sky Haven mods compatible with the Extreme Restoration (such as Skyhaven Additions).

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The mod is alright to use without starting a new game and I would highly recommend you take it for a spin.


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