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The Chimer Great Houses vs Morrowind/Resdayn Royalty, and Nerevar as “King”

Content of the article: "The Chimer Great Houses vs Morrowind/Resdayn Royalty, and Nerevar as “King”"

I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the Chimer-era ruling structure worked, and keep getting thrown off by Nerevar being referred to as a King (and Almalexia as a Queen).

I'm aware Morrowind's royal family got later reinstated by Tiber Septim, but Resdayn had a ruling family via the R'athim clan who ruled over Ebonheart and Mournhold, with King Moraelyn's either brother or father taking back the throne after driving out the Nords, which would be therefore be concurrent with Nerevar's rise to power the forming of the first Council.

Is Almalexia understood to be part of this lineage that had intermarried with the Indoril family, or is her then claim to power only via being born into house Indoril?

At some point Mournhold and Ebonheart does split into two separate city states, with Moraelyn's twin grandchildren taking one each, but this clearly happens later, so can't be used to explain how Almalexia could be queen of Mournhold at the same time. Although, if she is part of the R'athim line it's possible that the rule later jumped back a few generation and she became queen of one of them (and Nerevar king by extension) during in the ~300 year span between the first and second wars.

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Or is Nerevar's title of King (and by extension Almalexia's) merely misattributed, perhaps because him functionally leader of the Chimer due to being join-leader of the First Council? (Especially since Dumac was also referred to as a king – although I'd be even more suspicious of that title being a complete misrepresentation of dwemer leadsership). Was Nerevar even ever considered King in his time, or is that a later re-interpretation?

And how does/did the power of the royal family even fit in with the Great Houses? R'athim was, in Moraelyn's time, supposedly part of house Mora, but Mora was a more minor house than Indoril. Can the Royal family have just been considered functionally as another Great House that just didn't want to be part of the House structure, and that the other Houses mostly ignored the ruling of? Could the title of Morrowind's King even be something that originated entirely from the Nords' occupation, and became vestigial once the Chimer drove them out, despite R'athim's attempt to use it to gain back power?


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