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The Cultural Precendence for the Templar for each Race

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I'm one of those people that likes to play a race/class that makes sense from a lore perspective, so when I came to trying the Templar in ESO, I struggled to pick a race that didn't fit in with the layout of the class description (aedric/divines inspired powers), so I kept drifting to things like altmer, breton, imperial and maybe nord. The other races just didn't feel right because of this. So I decided to do a little research and see how the templar class could fit within the cultural ideals and beliefs of each race.

Note that I am aware that any individual person of any race can worship or associate with God's and religions outside of their cultural norms (like an Argonian who worships the divines or an altmer who worships daedra) and that's down to the individual, this is just an overall comparison to cultural equivalents

Lastly I do know that the templar (and also other classes in eso) don't actually get powers from the gods and are basically using specialised restoration magic, but the individual might not believe that

Anyway on to the list:

Altmer: knight-paladin or priest of Auriel, or possibly of trinimac. Pretty easy and straight forward as they fit nicely

Bosmer: could be similar to the altmer as bosmer do venerate aedra, though they raise Y'ffre above the others.

Khajit: interesting one here as their religion has a large mix of versions of the aedra and daedra. In addition, Khajiti culture has many temples dedicated to different faiths with monks, priests and warriors filled (Two Moons at Temnar Temple comes to mind) so you could have a templar dedicated to alkosh, Azurah, or dedicated to Jone and Jode with their "light" powers is believed to be moonlight

Breton: Knight of the Eight, most likely akatosh, stendarr, or possibly arkay. As High Rock is depicted as filled with all kinds of monsters and abominations like werewolves, vampires, witches, etc, and the bretonians are known for going off on quests for glory, that fit the traditional role of the templar like a glove

Orsimer: another interesting one that the best one for within their culture would be some sort of Avenger of Trinimac. The Wrothgar DLC showcased the rise of the trinimac Cult and also the more militant Vosh Rakh, so there's definitely an angle for a trinimac worshipping Orc.

Redguard: a tough one but their is precedence for a more traditional stendarr worshipping templar ( see Merric in the eso fighters guild for example) though for the more yokudan deites, Diagna, Leki or Tu'whacca could have warrior-priests within their ranks

imperial: basically the same with Bretons, the bread and butter depiction of the knightly divine worshipping templar, with an in-game example being the Order of the Hour. Side note with these is that they're could be subgroups that venerate or have knightly orders of a particular Cyrodillic figure, like Alessia, Pelinal Whitestrake, or Reman.

Nords: again, similar to the Bretons and imperials but to a lesser extent. A lot of the more Nordic interpretations don't line with the Templar idea except possibly Shor. Also unlike the other two, nords culturally don't have knightly orders or groups so it would most likely be more in like with a very pious warrior who crusades in the divines name mentality. I will note however that the Dawnguard were around in the 2nd era so nords do have that for a templar/vampire hunter background

Dumner: a unique one compared to the others as they primarily worship the tribunal. But this still works with militant tribunal members like the ordinators or buoyant Armigers who worship and fight for Alemexia and Vivic respectively. So a "Hand of the Tribunal" templar works

Argonian: the hardest one as culturally, they only worship and venerate the Hist, and the light based powers of the templar don't line up as well with them i my opinion. I would even go so far as to say that they're is no cultural precedence for an argonian templar, so I believe that one would most likely follow some other higher power to fit into the templar role, like sees-all-colours who was a meridia worshipper.

And that's my long post, thanks for reading this if you got this far, and I would love to hear any alternate ideas and disagreements if you feel so inclined!


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