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The DB is definitely a Stormcloack

Content of the article: "The DB is definitely a Stormcloack"

The Dragonborn is canonically a Stormcloack.

This might be a little long but bare with me a little.

-The DB is a Nord (canon).The protagonist is always a native of the game's location. This is further enforced by the trailer which shows the Dragonborn as a Nord that fights Dragons. -The first human contact you have in the game is with a Stormcloack. -The Imperials tried to cut off your head for no good reason, showing how corrupt and unreliable the Empire has become to rule all the provinces. -The DB worships Talos (canon). When asked by the Thalmor whether he worships Talos or not, there is no option to say no. You don't even have a (lie) option I the dialogue, which suggests that the DB doesn't subscribe to that whole "worship-Talos-in-secret-to-keep-the-peace" shenanigan. -Talos is the patron god of the Nords and the most prominent deity in the game since his blessing allows you to reduce shout time, meaning that the people who benefit from his blessing are a select few in the whole world. You cannot be an honorable DB and still fight those who believe in him. -The Mede dynasty is not a Dragonborn dynasty, which suggests why they cannot keep ruling all of Tamriel. The whole argument for keeping the Empire united if laughable because the Empire is already broken to pieces with the separation of both Hammerfell and Morrowind. I believe that the Empire is supposed to be shattered to pieces which was symbolized by the destruction of the Amulet of the Kings.

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TES lore is all about prophecies, deities, legends and fate. The whole rational argument for keeping the Empire united has no place in the game. As a Nord, you go to Sovngarde if you adhere to the values of war, plunder and honorable death. If you think that the Stormcloacks are racist then you're applying your 21st century values to a primitive society where all commoners, from all the provinces, have shown a hint of racism and prejudice at some point in the available lore.

This should be enough. There is another argument which involves the Companions questline but I'm still thinking it through.

I always believed that the DB is above the petty squabbles of humans as he deals with dragons, Daedra, Gods and magical beings. And I almost never play the Civil War questline because of how boring it is. But if the DB should join the civil war, he would definitely be a Stormcloack.


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