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The elves (aside from the dunmer) are the equivalent of the orcs from LOTR

Content of the article: "The elves (aside from the dunmer) are the equivalent of the orcs from LOTR"

I have never seen any fictional universe doing the elves that much dirty, they constantly get genocided by humans helped by the gods (god of luck for the Atmorans and Pelinal/Akatosh for the Nedes) and most of them are evil to a ridiculous degree. Most of the heroes of the universe are elf killers, you even have weapons dedicated to killing elves.

3 races got genocided, the snow elves who according to the Nords attacked a city first (and why would the Nords lie, I mean everybody always tell the truth right? It would be impossible that the Nords started the conflict and that Saarthal was destroyed during an ongoing war). In response The nords, dragoncult, dragons and the god of luck fought the snow elves for 13 generations before driving them underground where they were turned into blind goblins.

Then you have the Ayleids who were evil to a ridiculous degree. You probably saw some stories about gut gardens and children being lit on fire? Well ESO confirm that all this was true, no propaganda. They truly were cartoonishly evil like this. Why? I would say that this is better to justify a genocide by the Anti-Christ called Pelinal then by the Aylissan order, the worst organisation to ever exist on Tamriel. Now why would the innocents have to pay for what the elite did? Good question and if the fandom can enlight me I would like it.

Finally you have a race whose only lore is that they were killed by the Redguards, that's it. Apparently all human races need to kill an elven race for some obscure reason, apparently this is good for the worldbuilding somehow.

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Genocidal warmongers who killed thousands of innocent elves, Pelinal and Ysgramor are glorified but should elven versions of them exist, well you know how people would feel about them.

As for the modern day elves, well the thalmor are blank nazis who want to kill/enslave all humans just to be evil (in the lore they actually want to undo the world since they see it as a prison but we could feel sympathy for them in this scenario so they had to scratch it up), they are by a far margin the most hated fictionnal race (I dare you to find a faction more hated than them). The bosmer are a running joke but that's way better than the elves above.

Now is there anything interesting about those elves, any good character? Any good lore? Anything good? Or are they just here to be evil vilains and get genocided by the humans? I'm asking


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