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The extent of Hunterborn’s usefulness

Hunterborn is a large mod that adds quite a bit of functionality. you can skin animals and harvest items from their bodies. you get tons of fat, bones, pelts, alchemy ingredients, and meat from these animals.

the alchemy ingredients can be used to make some pretty powerful potions. some of them allow potion effect combinations that werent possible before. some make the potion much more powerful than normal

however, thats mainly where the benefits to this mod end.

scrimshaw is ok. you can make some nice starter gear in the begining. but its just early game stuff. it quickly becomes obsolete quite fast.

pelts are…meh at best. gona make some hide armor with that? glad that will last me a long time before i find better gear. after that….well you can sell it i guess. too bad money is stupidly easy to earn in this game. join the thieves guild and then raid the black briar meadary. maybe train a bit of smithing with it. but theres much better ways of doing that too

animal fat is useless. its heavy and can realy only be used to get some extra coin. moving on

the food. ah yes, why hunt animals if you dont need food, right? this mod adds a whole wide array of new foods. new meat dropped by animals, new cooked variants of that meat, different soups and stews you can cook…..too bad its all useless! why…just why does every single one have the exact same effect: aids stamina recovery. thats it. its literally half the effect of vanilla game's vegie stew, with the other half being hp regen. why bother adding all this food into the game when they all do the same useless thing?

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so where does this leave the mod? well this mod is great if treated like a framework for other mods to work off of. there could be a mod that changes all the food effects to interesting buffs. maybe something that can add more uses to furs and pelts than just armor. scrimshaw could also be given more things to craft and maybe some reworks for some of the existing scrimshaw items to make them more useful past the first 30min of the game

the problem i see however is that, to my knowledge, no such mods exist. given hunterborn's popularity, im quite surprised no1 else has made mods that expand on it like this. i had been considering making one myself, but i currently do not have the time or knowlege to do so


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