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The Mad King of Skyrim

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So this was an idea i had a little bit ago for a mod, but it is in the developmental stages and i don't have a clear design, names, models, or locations for it. But here we go. Also change of name, sorry.

The man on the Throne

So the mod begins when you have retrieved the wabbajack from the mind of Pelagius, and you are confronted by the madwoman out in the wilderness. If you kill her you will find on her body a note, talking of a place called "Sanctuary of the Isles" which the woman believes to be somewhere in the mountains between Skyrim and Cyrodiil. This begins the quest "The throne of a Madman".

There are two ways of going about this mission, but i will go over the main questline. You will be sent to find the Sanctuary of the Isles, where you will find dozens of people completely off their rails residing in an ancient castle (model is not designed). further in, you will enter the main throne room where you see sitting on a throne an imperial, with a strange cane in his left hand.

He is rather confused by your presence and almost is talking in riddles to you, before he begins to talk loud and clear in a semi regular fashion. As he disengages the dialogue box, and offers to show you around the castle and introduce you to the general idea of its existence, hinting at a strange grand plan he has for the player. And the questline "The Throne of a Madman" is complete, and the quest "Inside Job" begins.

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After showing you around, he turns to you and asks for a favor. He wants you to infiltrate Castle Dour, and bring to him a… certain slip of paper that he requires. When questioned further, he will blow off your concerns as dumb and unimportant. Just that he desperately needs that note.

When you go in there, and grab the paper (same model and functions as Tullius' note to Balgruuf so not readable) the questline will point you back to the castle. As you return, you are pulled aside by the Vigilance of Stendarr. They ask you about the castle up on the mountain near Cyrodiil and what you knew about it. You can remain vague about it, and frustrate these Vigilantes. Or you can tell them everything you know so far, and gain a small reward for the information.

Once back in the castle, the king is quick to snatch the papers and look through them. Once he was done, he sends you to an informant over in the winking Skeever. Once there, the informant would speak in riddles to you. And hand you a pair of Solitude guard gear, and that you are to get into the blue palace to listen investigate everything you can find in there. Odd things from sneaky hiding spots, to guard schedules in there.

After that, you will return back to the castle and relay your information to the king, and the informant will be there as well. He turns to you and thanks you again for the information, but would brush you off to go and do a few side quests from the other madmen and women in the castle.

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This is the story so far, and i look forward to hearing what you guys think. Also i don't know how these flairs work here, but i did my best.


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