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The Marichel of Pyandon, a heretical Altmeri perspective

Content of the article: "The Marichel of Pyandon, a heretical Altmeri perspective"

By Alarion, Travelling Scholar of Dawnrest

The little known Marichel or Bull-Lizards of the Pyandonean Isles are certainly a sight to behold. Their intimidating horned and scaled visage coupled with their militant insularity lead to the perception that they are but beasts, no more intelligent than a pack of welwas however with the recently discovered journals in Dawnrest and my following investigations I propose they are in fact the remnant of an Aldmeri culture which defended against the exiled Maormeri raiders by taking control of several outlying isles of Pyandonea.

Under guise bestowed by an enchanted amulet I walked upon the white-sand shores and observed the social existence of these tribes; their settlements architecture is notable for it's wooden construction with a communal fire with some degree of privacy given through the bamboo dividers which segment the large roofed building into multiple dwelling areas. Their diet largely revolves around the inhabitants of the waters, captured using a surprisingly sophisticated hunting technique utilizing trident and net which are shared communally amongst the entire tribe. While they are hesitant to interact with a newcomer into their group they tolerated my presence and offered a share of some charred sea serpent, a large specimen brought ashore by a huge hunting trio who I estimate were each some sixty pertans tall and intimidatingly muscular.

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They appear to have a system of ancestral veneration, with shrines adorned with the horns their fallen in a primitive religious tradition which seems to align with early Elven beliefs. Even in their undeniably unique language there are traces of Aldmeri, the common use of the sound 'El' perhaps indicates the presence of Auriel worship at some point in their history.

On my fifth night in the camp I witnessed a peculiar ceremony: beginning with placing the scales, bone and heart of a sea serpent into a large vat the Bull-Lizards surrounded it and began a chorus of a deep guttural song and rhythmic stomping-dance which felt as though it shook the earth under my feet, striking such fear into my heart that it rendered me immobile. Suddenly the vat was struck with a lightning bolt and blue flames erupted from it as they circled the vat for what seemed an eternity until they came to an abrupt stop and the flames died. One of the females walked forth and reached into the vat and produced a large shining metalic stone and declared "MORAI EL GHAR DAUR GHAR NAIR" and presented the stone to a hammer holding Bull-Lizard who then fashioned it painstakingly into a trident-head and attached it to a wooden shaft.

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The following morning a Maormeri armada appeared and the Bull-Lizards waded forth bellowing 'GHAR ORRGKHAN MORAI EL STENN CHEL' as I fled using a teleportation scroll which was moored to Dawnrest. I pray Phynaster guides me back to the Isles once more before I join with the Ancestors though I fear for the tribe I was so privileged to observe.


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