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The Old Arena isn’t a prison. 500 trophies is.

I write this after a rather incredible Arena experience today. I found someone on Discord also in the Old Arena, and we were able to connect. I'm lvl88 now, and ever since we've had 1 month seasons in the arena, I had only been able to connect to 1 opponent per week. (during the Saturday free-for-all!) It could have been more than 1 match, if I didn't have to be getting ready for work during the free-for-all time…

I had tried to connect with other Old Arena players on Discord before, with 12, 13 levels difference between us – but I was always unable to find them, even with coordinated searching, let alone me finding any other players except for the free for all. A player 8 levels different, FINALLY someone I could KEEP finding when searching!

I'd never been able to connect back to back with another player before today, since Arena first launched v1.5, December 2019! It was exhilarating. My matches before today were just 10 seconds of confusion and I had no idea why I lost, anymore than why I won… but with a player I could talk on Discord while in the fight, I learned quite a lot. I CAN do critical hits with a Warlock's Ring – the timing is just different than PvE (lag? My old reflexes?). Time runs out in the arena! I never knew that before. I also learned how to tell what my ping is, thanks to this other player's guidance.

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As we both reached the upper 400 trophy count from connecting back to back with each other, we soon encountered THE problem with arena. He reached 500 trophies first. Despite being 8 levels and 30 trophies apart, we could no longer connect with each other at all.

At lvl80 and 506 trophies, he didn't have to search long before he started connecting (back to back) with players 40 and 50 levels below him. At lvl88 and 476 trophies, I searched until I counted the 10th timeout – and then I gave up.

He conceded matches until he was below 500 again, and we were able to connect in seconds of trying!! Then I finally reached the Frozen Arena, above 500 trophies, and he just below, the tables turned. He searched endlessly, only finding timeouts, and I found opponents 30 levels below me.

We both had frozen arena backdrops, but whoever was below 500 trophies had a hard stop on connecting to anyone.

A choice had to be made. One of us was going to have to stay in "the 500 prison". There's nothing we could do for both of us to have above 500 trophies. He was part of an active guild, and just hadn't been able to arena the past 4 days due to his work. He has a very well put together PvP set, and he was going to try for top 100!

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Myself, I'm in a guild with my wife, and my mother's characters. Never been in a guild with more than 2 other players. I PvP with PvE equipment (yes, I know, I know), and if I could connect with others more than once a week, I'd still just be casual at best about it.

This thread isn't 'entirely' meant to be a rant on how broken (more than ever) the Blades Arena matchmaking is, or that I got out of "the 500 prison" for 5 minutes, before I voluntarily re-sentenced myself to infinite timeouts again.

I finally, after a year, got a taste of what Arena CAN be like. Absolutely I would like to play more and do this again, but as broken as the arena programming currently is, its just not possible.


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