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The one thing that all the “soulslike” combat mods haven’t done

Content of the article: "The one thing that all the “soulslike” combat mods haven’t done"

We have roll dodging, stagger on hit, parrying, backstabbing… hell we even have weapon arts. And most of the time they all work pretty well. But i've tried every possible combination of all the dodge mods, parry mods, combat mods, and whatever else, and although I've had a great time with all of that, the combat in this game has never ever felt THAT inspiring or challenging. You can only really raise the difficulty by changing AI, or adding damage multipliers, or more enemies, and none of those things fix the actual problem.

At the end of the day, 99% of the time, you won't die less by "getting gud", and your success in fights has little to do with how skilled you as a player are. You can add all the features of soulsborne combat in, and it would still do little to change that.

IMO, the biggest thing holding back combat in skyrim is enemy attack animations.

The biggest difference in combat in games like DS/BB/Sekiro/Nioh/mortal shell/Witcher/whatever else, is that generally speaking, your enemy has a "tell". You see the enemy begin to attack and you dodge, parry, block, counter, whatever based on their actions… and that doesn't really happen in skyrim, and I think that's one of the biggest things holding back combat in this game. In other games, enemies have "tells" that you can react to, but in skyrim, when an enemy attacks you… they're kind of suddenly just attacking you. Sure, some of the power attacks you can react to, but other than that, there's no oppurtunity to react to a basic melee swing.

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I don't know how to animate or script or anything like that, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I do think that this is a solvable problem. In fact, I'd bet that somewhere, in all the animation replacers floating around nexus, the animations (with "tells") that are needed are already out there, and just need to be applied to enemies instead of the PC. It might be as simple as putting together a mod or animation pack that adds those specifically to enemies.

Anyway, this is all just a thought I kinda wanted to get out. I spend a ton of time looking through mods lately, and I see all the animation things that keep coming out, like the DCR and combo stuff, and people make gorgeous attack anims that are fluid and just look badass… but I have yet to see any mods that are specifically focusing on enemy attack animations.

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