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The recovery of Loranna’s RP and a lost dev interview

Content of the article: "The recovery of Loranna’s RP and a lost dev interview"

In the past couple of weeks two long lost parts of TES history has been recovered. The first piece of lost history is Loranna's RP. This Roleplay was performed on the Bethesda Lore forums in the time between Morrowind to shortly after Oblivion's release. This RP was a continuation of the Trial of Vivec with some devs, and ex-devs, participating in it. It also was a huge influence on the 3rd Pocket Guide to the Empire which referenced many of the events that occurred during the RP such as King Helseth banning slaves and the names of Morgiah's children which first appeared in the RP. It even tackled a couple of lingering plot threads such "Morgiah's First" thread from Daggerfall and what happened to Azura and how she recovered from the Trial of Vivec.

Sadly this RP was lost for over a decade but recently after I contacted one of the participants, Nalion, all but the last thread "From the Ashes" has been recovered. Enjoy reading this once lost piece of the past. It can be downloaded now from the Loranna's RP wiki.

The story doesn't stop here though. After digging through the RP I found references to at least two mods. The Illuminated Order and The Modern Adventurer. While the Illuminated Order was only a small cameo in the RP, The Modern Adventurer turned out to have more I ever expected. In the third volume of The Modern Adventurer an in character interview with Divayth Fyr was found. This previously undocumented interview was conducted with Gary Noonan one of the devs. You can read this interview now on The Imperial Library.

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There is still one lingering thing from this journey that I hope somebody out there can help with. The two lost stories of "From the Ashes" these RP threads from the Official forums occurred from 2006 onwards with around 80 threads lost. If anyone out there has these threads in their archives please contact me as I would be eternally grateful.


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