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The snowberries are driving me insane. How have they stayed in this state for this long?

Content of the article: "The snowberries are driving me insane. How have they stayed in this state for this long?"

I have been modding Skyrim since I had my hands on a copy of the game. I have seen eggs made smaller so the poor chickens of Skyrim aren't so butt hurt all the time. I have seen various polygon, mesh, and texture improvement mods rise and fall. I have seen So Many Grass Mods to improve the foliage on the ground. Almost every single asset in Skyrim has been given 8K textures with 12K polygons, and it's all wonderful.

However, there is one part of Skyrim that has been left in an unacceptable state. I don't know if there's some technical limitation, or if I'm the only one who hates this as much as I do.

Look at this travesty. See how the berries have ragged, flat edges that look like Todd cut out a picture of cranberries from a magazine and pasted it into the landscape, standing the JPEG on it's edge like we're in bloody Daggerfall! I'm aware that this same method is how they render the flowers and grass, but flowers and grass clumps are so small and insubstantial that just improving the textures and density is more than enough for my precious immersion. It's these large bushes, bushes that have berries they expect you to gather and see up close, that assault my eyeballs every time I wander the northern provinces of Skyrim. Now, there are some mods that improve the textures, and they do… fine. But that's not what I'm looking for. I need 3D snowberry bushes. Proper, spherical berries that you can see hanging off the actual, physical branches. They don't need to have an insane polygon count, I don't need every single leaf modeled with every vein lovingly crafted: I just need these JPEGs gone, before I go insane. Take whatever shortcuts you need to: reduce the berry count, only properly model the berries and leave the bush a glorified JPEG, I don't care. All I know is that when I see bushes overladen with sweet berries, ripe and ready for picking, and I see these flat textures next to bump-mapped 3D modeled pavement stones and fences, I die a little inside.

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Please, for my sanity, for my immersion, can somebody please make a proper model for the snowberries. I have put up with them for 9 years, don't make me suffer any longer.


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