The Elder Scrolls

“The Tablature of Trinimac: Yarmoro’s Ascent” By Scribe-Initiate Leneromyril (Translated by Orthuna)

The of Trinimac is now upon us. Yarmoro is to be the next, to partake in the of . He now goes into his chamber and on the Teachings of Trinimac to prepare himself. The others prepare as well. Alneladwe prepares the as the others watch.

For the , she feeds and lotus seeds until . She crushes them with …… oil while for eight days. She then mixes it with …… and wine.

For the , she takes the juice of the …… and mixes it with and . She it on the leaf of a <“granlye”> and then she it off while facing the sun, three days later.

We are now ready. Yarmoro enters the and begins the of Trinimac the Sun. Alneladwe enters and . Yarmoro chooses me to be his and his . Yarmoro around me as he about .

It is now time for the eight .

For the , Yarmoro to the four elements.
He water.
He earth.
He fire.
He wind.

For the , Yarmoro to the fifth element, the . He flies into the sky and using the , he transforms into a .

For the , Yarmoro enters the and encounters . They come in . Yarmoro speaks the “……” and uses to each of them.

For the , Yarmoro higher and higher and grabs the . He closes his eyes and the . He lists all known and names of the . Yarmoro opens his eyes and sees a of the . He is , has eyes of and hair and The of wears a with eight feathers and made of pure . A dead lies over his shoulder dripping onto the .

For the , Yarmoro higher into the and meets the that come . They him new and show him the way through the .

For the , Yarmoro the and meets the that in different . They come in and …

For the , Yarmoro enters the and sees the of the , Trinimac the . He appears as …… and I am now . Yarmoro at Trinimac until he is out of . He kneels and Trinimac’s , , and .

For the . speaks the . His upon hearing the final . I am now . The sun it into his for days.

Yarmoro returns to the and is . He gives us the from the . He says that the wants . The is no longer and we now use and not .

The needs more for there is a new coming.


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