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The Tribe and the Nord

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The Tribe and the Nord


Malacath said, “Kirkbride can know of your future. One year from now.”

Tybymjor did not know what that meant, or who that was, but he committed it to memory.

“Kaldmalj”, Tybymjor said, speaking to the Orc chief’s son. “We wait.”

“Perhaps this is…Kyne’s wish as well?”, said Kaldmaj

“Undoubtedly”, said Tybymjor the nord. He knew/felt that Kyne had felt what he felt, knew what he knew, learned what he had learned. Mara also was present, felt, though unrealized.

Tybmjor hoped to every the gods that day (those that he knew, and those that he didn’t’) that his friend, his shield-thane that his own nord love had proclaimed/nord-named Etheir-sky-orc, his mead-truth-companion, and his friend again, that the world (the spirits/gods) would know his name, and take his truth into consideration. For this, the nord breathed in, a mighty breath bigger than any he had taken (in order to please Malacath), and roared his loss, his pain, his heavy nord heart, and it was at that moment that Kaldmalj understood and inherited the heart of Tybymjor, a nord.

The tower on the hill quivered in respect, in morn, in sadness, at that day. The librarian was absolutely distraught, wracked by grief upon the floor at the center of the library. The same damn library that the orc-chief (THE great orc chief, unmatched, in Geldor’s great opinion) had helped to grow and protect, over so many years….”…but not enough”, Geldor the librarian thought. “Malacath is much too cruel” he thought, though he was immensely proud of his friend for passing the trial. “Kyne also smiles upon him”. The rain and thunder were sign enough. An orc of hearthereto unknown education, wit, tracking skills, and STRENGTH, both in the Nord and the Orc sense.

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He…was a great mer…demanded the Nord of Kyne. “I’ll fight you over this”, he said in the rain. A crack of thunder overhead that rolled away to the northeast was his answer.


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