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The tribunal banished the dwemer to oblivion. (Dwemer disappearance theory)

I’m not the most versed in tes lore but I love the dwemer so I figured I’d take a crack at it.

First off, I was poking around dwemer lore and something about it rubbed me the wrong way, starting with kagrenacs 3 tools. Specifically sunder. (Im going to talk about the other theories here so if you just want my theory then skip) The idea goes that kagrenac smacked the heart with sunder and then all dwemer disappeared, but I have a hard time believing that to be the case. Cause if that were so, then later when the tribunal used sunder, they obviously didn’t disappear, so whatever happened to the dwemer wasn’t a result of sunder striking the heart. One could argue however that maybe it was divine intervention by the aedra, punishment for trying to ascend to godhood, however that’s also unlikely because if that were the case then the tribunal and the chimer/dunmer as a result should have met the same fate, but given that they didn’t do anything in regards to the tribunal, (in fact only Azura the daedric god reacted to it.) but what about kagrenac in a last ditch desperate effort used sunder wrong or when it wasn’t ready and that’s what’s caused it? Still not likely. Sunder when swung, stayed that it extracts the perfect/desired amount of power. So there isn’t a margin of error there for kagrenac to fuck up if the hammers gonna pull the perfect amount.

Now onto my theory, id first like to highlight that the tribunal knew how to use the tools. Now you could assume they simply studied the tools and that’s how they know. However, I’d turn you to the battle of red mountain, they wanted to keep them to study after the dwemer disappeared. If they truly had no intent on using them like they promised, then they would have no issue destroying them. Unless of course, they were reluctant because they already tasted the tools power. What I propose, is that upon killing dumac and confronting kagrenac, kagrenac surrendered, or was subdued. And the tribunal got him to tell them how the tools worked. The chimer would be furious at the dwemer for their attempt to create a god and would likely want to catch judgement on them. And so as retribution for daring to make a god, They used the tools and the heart to banish kagrenac and all dwemer kind to the planes or oblivion. It would also explain why the dwemer in hammer fell vanished as well. As the hammer fell dwemer had left the alliance thinking themselves superior to the chimer. Which would most likely rub the chimer the wrong way, so the tribunal would most certainly include them in the banishment. To go even further, in skyrim one of the court wizards says he has been to oblivion and spoken to dwemer. You can conjure a dwemer automatons. This shows that the dwemer have to be in another Plane, otherwise there would be no automatons to conjure in the first place. Plus the fact that daedric princes have dwemer artifacts. Which would make sense, if the dwemer were banished to oblivion. Plus the dwemer did not worship gods so they most likely wouldn’t have contact with the daedric princess till their banishment.

And that’s my theory. If a lengthy one. If there’s something I missed or am misunderstanding, let me know.


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