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The Tribunal May Be Based On Trimurti In Hindu Mythology

Note: It is possible that this post might trigger a few devout people from Hindu religion – I apologise in advance if I say anything wrong, I don't intend any disrespect. I have utmost respect for Hinduism and study the mythology a lot.

I believe Tribunal is based on (or atleast partially inspired by) the Trimurti/Trideva in Hindu mythology. You can learn more about Trimurti on Wikipedia: – It is the concept of three supreme deity responsible for the cosmic function of creation, maintenance and destruction of universe/world. They are Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Preserver) and Shiva (The Destroyer). It is to be noted that unlike Tribunal, Trimurti are not mortal – They are eternal supreme beings responsible for the cyclic process of birth, life and death of the universe (Note cyclic – Hinduism believes that after the end of universe, it is reborn again and cycle continues in the next kalpa). Also note that every function is considered as essential and natural (death of universe is not considered at a bad thing). Though they are cosmic and supreme, Trimurti still participate in the mortal lives of humans and help them in times of need and to stay on right path.

Physical similarities are easily visible between Shiva and Vivec. Body coloration, yogic clothing and stance of sitting and the signature weapon (Muatra and Trishul) highlight the physical similarities. Vivec also is related to destruction, death or end in a symbolic manner. He was not only the one who acknowledged and happily accepted the end of Tribunal's divinity and religion (which was a core part of Dunmer's way of life) but even helped Nerevarine bring about this change. There is also some level of similarity between the cryptic metaphorical and symbolic poetry and teachings of Vivec and the scriptures and teachings related to Shiva.

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Sotha Sil can easily be identified as being similar to Brahma. He was a creator, an inventor and an innovator. He was responsible for the birth of Tribunal, their divinity and the religion – He understood the workings of Kagrenac's tools and what they could accomplish with the Heart Of Lorkan, he proposed the new way of life for Dunmer and Morrowind where Tribunal would be the mortal gods and he was the one who rejected Azura and the old ways of Daedric and Ancestor worship. He was also the creator of his own dream – Clockwork city as well as the mechanical heart.

This leave us to relate Almalexia with Vishnu. Many people would not agree with me in this association. On one hand, we have Vishnu who is one of the most beloved God in Hinduism and is the preserver/protector of universe/world. His avatars like Rama, Krishna, Narsimha, etc acted as heros in many Hindu legends and epics – They are worshipped and regarded with great respect all over the world. On the other hand, our latest memory of Almalexia is as the antagonist of Tribunal expansion of Morrowind game where she became mad and evil due to her loss of power and divinity (because of events in Morrowind main storyline). Afraid of losing her status as God, she became so paranoid that she staged an attack on her own people and city and even killed his fellow Tribunal Sotha Sil. However if you ignore these last events of turmoil and concentrate on the golden years of Tribunal, you can see the similarities. During those times, Almalexia was the loving mother goddess of Dunmer who cared, loved and helped her people selflessly. Dunmer loved and worshipped her for the welfare she did for them. Like Vishnu's avatars, she took the role of valiant hero and preserved/protected Morrowind and her people from many threats including Mehrunes Dagon.

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Note: I couldn't ignore the fact that there are some similarities between Vivec and Vishnu as well – Vivec was known as the warrior-poet and protected Morrowind like a hero from invaders and threats (like Akaviri invasion of 2nd era). His defeat of multiple monsters as mentioned in his sermons are also somewhat similar to defeat of multiple "Asurs" by Vishnu (and his avatars). It seems Vivec embodied traits of both Vishnu and Shiva.

I would love to hear thoughts about this from all you TES lore-lovers!!!


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